Saturday, October 29, 2005


The weather has started to turn cold. Well, cooler anyway. With a chill in the air today, Indy is "bundling up" in a sweatshirt and long pants, to go out. Today we had a lot of miscellaneous shopping to do, with several stops to make. He is getting so heavy, I am thankful for kid friendly shopping carts, and an easy-fold umbrella stroller. I found a new stroller at Target that I really want... Eddie Bauer edition, plaid, three wheel stroller, with a pivoting front wheel. Christmas is coming, hehe.


Chicka said...

Pivoting wheels are great if you can get them to pivot in the right direction when you want them to. I think that's where the single front wheel would be handy. I have as much luck with regular stroller front wheels (going in the same direction at the same time) as I do shoping carts (same deal).

Alas, neither of my girls used strollers very long. I, however, used them far longer than they did - to hold the packages!!

Anonymous said...

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