Friday, January 16, 2009


Well, it seems like ages since i was here, updating anyone who cared to know, on our lives. Life gets so busy sometimes. It seems there is barely time to catch my breath some days. However: Indy and I took some mother-son time yesterday. We just up and left the house, no real destination in mind, no school work or housework following me, no telephone. We ended up at a nearby duckpond. It's no Waverly lake (the duck pond near our old house) but it is a nice area. Officially its called something like "Periwinkle Watershed". It's a nice bike path/walking trail along a canal type stream that ends at Grand Prairie Park. Anyways, the ducks aren't shy. (Sure the pic of Indy isn't the best, but you can really get the idea of how friendly and close the ducks get... they take the bread right from your hand!)

So... what else have we been up to? Well, we went to the bike shop, we go there a lot actually... Chris should be able to get his Ninja soon, so we spend a lot of our limited spare time haunting all of the motorcycle shops in a 100 mile radius of our home. We finally found one we like about 30 miles from us (maybe a little closer) out in Sublimity, Oregon called Power Yamaha. They have only been a cow (Kawasaki) dealer for a short time, but they are our favorite dealership for service, ease of travel, friendliness of staff, and a great deal/price. Woot, I am a testimonial, lol.

We also got out up to the falls the other day. Silver Creek Park is a wonderful place to visit and explore. Some of you may recall the last time we visited (Chris's friend Richard was here... Indy and I went with him and another friend). This visit, it SNOWED on us. We went into the lodge and had a nice hot cocoa and a pastry, and tried to stay warm. Chris and Indy in hoodies and me in shirt sleeves, not even thinking to take a jacket (as it was 50 degrees out when we left home). Anyhow... The volume of water was just astounding. The folks in the lodge said it was the good old Pineapple Express ...

These two pictures are of the EXACT SAME WATERFALL... the tree is the same (the branches in the upper pick belong to the tree in the lower pick)... the difference, a year and a weather pattern. wow! we had fun anyways, playing in the snow and freezing our bums off. I got tons of photos but i am running out of time today... perhaps i can get more picture sup later... maybe i can do a photo bucket slide show or something.

See ya'll again soon!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

words of wisdom:

Oobi says "messing up is just life"
Indy says "messing up is just life, that's why i don't have a life!"