Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Dr Frothingham says he looks GREAT. 12 pounds 3 oz. hes healthy and above average (12 pounds is the average weight of a 4-5 month old) and he has healed nicely. Dr Frothingham was very pleasant and we like him, however i think we will make his main doctor Mark Bartlett. they all are in the same clinic (mid valley pediatrics). only dif is frothingham is in the geary street office and bartlett is over by the hospital.

speaking of our hospital... i wonder if corvallis is cleaner. my er suite was filthy and had bugs. i wonder who we complain to

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Monday, May 30, 2005

doctors doctors doctors

well we didnt make it to the ceremony that the vfw put on in brownsville today. instead we got to go to the er to have me checked for "excessive blood loss". they gave it another name as well, told me to take pills and rest. so Indiana and i spent the day napping in the recliner, and in the bedroom. Chris was great about spending the day trying to take care of us both and still play knights of the old republic. tomorrow i go to the doc to see if im better. and then Indiana goes to the doc to see how his healing for his "little boy operation" is progressing. (it looks fine to me). the day after that is his first set of immunizations outside the ones he got at birth. he should love that.

for now he is in his room with his daddy, screaming until he throws up and makes his lips blue. anyone spending a just one 24 hour day with this one will decide to never have children of thier own!

Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day today. It is a day to remember and honor the fallen veterans who fought for our freedom. We missed the annual trip to Brownsville for my grandparents, since my parents made it yesterday early in the morning. We will probably go up as a family today (chris, indiana and i). i should probably tell chris, hehe. Like to get some pictures of the baby with the flag flying behind him, maybe with his daddys army gear.
Indiana and his daddy are sleeping, its time for me to join them. more later in the day...

Sunday, May 29, 2005

The new sleeper... 6 month size, 6 weeks old.
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6 weeks not 6 months!

its time to change for the night. we put on our fresh dry diaper. we get our chammomile and lavendar massage. and we put on our NEW fresh clean sleeper, the one that says 12-18 pounds (6months!).
I keep trying to tell Indiana 6 weeks not 6 months! but the sleeper is cute, its another of the beautiful outfits that Chris's aunt Betty sent from Maryland (does anyone know her email address so we can tell her about the blog?).
He does have a well travelled wardrobe.

Go DuCkS

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Staying with Nanna Sue

well, the movie was so-so... some good bits some bad bits.
but, on the up side: sounds like Indiana cried only about 10 minutes, then snuggled in and slept for his grandma the whole time we were gone. how come he cant be that good for me?!?! oh well, guess im glad he was good becausae if he hadnt been she probably wouldnt have taken him ever again.

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

todays stuff


arranged with my mom for her to watch the "little angel" tomorrow so we can go to the movies (episode 3).

auntie kaffwin (kathryn to those of you who dont spend the day baby talking) came down when she got off work. Indiana puked on her 3 times. (good boy! thats an extra 3 bucks in your bank account!! remember baby boy, every puking on kaffwin is a dollar!)

fave moment of the day?? Indiana''s Grandma Laura came for dinner (mmmm chris made cat fish and hush puppies... horray for www.foodnetwork.com and free recipies) and when Indiana was handed to her he cried, and cried, and cried, and cried etc. about 30 minutes later Cousin Macy shows up, picks up little danny boy and no crying at all, cooed himself to sleep in her arms right in front of his grandma. Take that mother-in-law. LMAO. Macy has been a life saver this week.

ah well. wonder how he will do at His Nanna Sue and grandpa Donnie's tomorrow...

i hope the movie is good.

the boys

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Dakota holding his new baby brother for the very first time.
I think Dakota was afraid he might get pee'd on!

the screamer!

oh my.... at 6 weeks old now, hes screaming a lot. i never knew babies had such a hard life. a thousand dollars worth of crap in his room, and strung thru out my apartment. it takes an aunt and a daddy and a cousin and a mommy and strangers on the street to shut him up, but man hes cute when he finally goes to sleep!

Friday, May 27, 2005

living the wildlife

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most of you know how crazy i am for wolves. My mom took this picture with young Indiana Jones laying on a blanket that Chris got me for christmas. Then she photo shopped a frame in. my mom does some amazing photo shopping and i will post more of her "retouched" photos as she sends them along. I am really impressed at how savvy she has gotten with her camera and her pc. this time 5 years ago she couldnt turn on her pc without calling me... now i call her asking how to do things!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

this little piggie

WIC appointment today Indiana weighed in at 12 pounds and 22 inches. last week at his little boy surgery he was 11 pounds. so he is gaining about a pound a week. Of course all he does is eat and sleep.

my neice wasn't even 12 pounds until she was 6 months old, and Dakota wasnt 12 pounds until around 4 months.

he is in the 95% in weight and 66% in height... averaging (so the lady said) at 88%. (meaning 88% of kids are smaller than he is) He is healthy, happy growing and thriving.