Thursday, October 29, 2009

community college continues

school continues apace. i seem to be doing well so far. its getting more difficult, learning new stuff. Indy's chilling in preschool, life goes along smoothly for now.

i made a movie for school, that was fun. i applied to student government as well.

haloween is coming, so hopefully i remember to charge the camera batteries :)

Monday, October 19, 2009


just a quick hello.

with everyone in our household in school 4-5 days per week, time seems to slip away from me. halloween is coming, we have indys costume... he even tried it on. i got no pictures yet, but i will. eventually.
school is going well for all of us. indy hates enforced nap time twice per week, but he will get used to it or get over it, since he has no choice. im doing well. 5 classes... one is pass/no pass. so far im looking at 3a's 1b and pass. not bad. the b is in math, again. but i am pulling an a out of a class with an instructor famous for not giving a's! chris has like 2a 2b, same with Nate. i hope chris can get one of his b's up to an a, i would love to see him on homor roll. i think it would do wonders for his confidence. i hope none of my grades slip me off of the honor roll, i like seeing my name in the paper outside the arrests section =P

anyhow, hope you are all well...


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

wow, so school and other stuff

so, school is going well. i feel a little old. between classes i found myself chatting with some younger students, one was Xanadu... its weird to find myself randomly chatting with Duck's ex-girlfriends older sister. i like her though. and am glad to see she's in school. other wise, its just start of second week so who knows if i am doing well or screwing up... seems ok so far, really.

indy has the flu (confirmed by the docs at the hospital) so he's on tamiflu and out of school for the week. so we are scrambling and his grandma is taking over babysitting duties while we are at school (chris's mom already had her flu shot so she feels pretty safe).

homework to do and not much else to say...