Sunday, October 29, 2006

Trial run

Our fair city (ok town) does a wonderful event for Halloween. On the Saturday before Halloween, the businesses in downtown throw open their doors and offer treats to the city's costumed children.
This served as a wonderful trial run for us to see if Indiana would wear his costume. He enjoyed it! When he was done (he decided that an hour of walking the pavements of old town was enough) he plopped onto a bench and started removing his costume.
We took Indy through a local haunted house, where he tried to get the monsters to pick him up. He smiled at them and giggled in delight, not the least bit frightened.

The kid is a natural at Halloween!

Friday, October 27, 2006

New over-alls

Every now and then a package comes to us from the other side of the country. Yesterday a package came with two of the most adorable sets of overalls, of which this is one. Both of them fit perfectly (which is always a challenge for the relatives on the other coast as they don't see him everyday except through this blog). Anyways, I love them, thank you Grammy and Moo.

Tomorrow the city of Albany's downtown association is hosting a trick or treat session with downtown businesses from 11am to 1pm. Then, on Tuesday, our local mall will open its doors to young costumed candy fiends at 6pm to provide a safe, warm, dry, place for the local children.

Pictures of his Halloween costume to come...


Indiana is nearly ready for Halloween! He can shout "Boo" in a voice loud enough to wake the dead. And, although he hasn't yet mastered "trick or treat", he can chant "candy candy candy candy candy candy candy" until you either give in or your head explodes.

We have been practicing our scary "Boo" while playing peek-a-boo.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Indy recommends...

For those of you who have not recently been to see Daffodils and Dragons, Now is the time! She has recently posted a bunch of new brilliant desktop quality photos.

I hope she continues to post on a regular basis again, as her work with her camera and photo editors is amazing!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Playing into the sunset...

Sometimes I wonder if Duck likes basketball as much as his dad and I do. Sometimes I wonder if Indy will like Basketball as much as I do. All I know is that if we start him this young, we got a shot!
Duck got his first hoop before he could crawl, so did Indiana. We have even worked it out wonderfully... Duck will be a senior in high school and just the right age to coach Indy's first kindergarten basketball team. He gets to learn from the best.

I still don't know what team Duck got on, but I will let all of you know when he lets me know!

Monday, October 23, 2006

like father like son

Sometimes it surprises me just how like Chris that Indiana is. They even sleep the same way. Now, I admit that Duck looks an awful lot like me, but at least he has some of his dads mannerisms. With Indy, I got a clone baby. Anyways, it amuses me to think what Chris will say when he sees this picture I just took of the two of them sound asleep... Wonder if I should have told him before I posted it.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Try Outs are coming!

It is that time of year again. Try outs for basketball season are this coming week. I know that if Duck applies himself he can make the A team. It is all up to him, and we are all proud of him no matter which team he makes.

Duck: Good Luck at try outs! I hope you make the team that you want to make, no matter which one that is. I love to watch you play, and as long as you are happy playing, I am all in behind ya!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sleep tight, sweet prince...

"Always Kiss your children good night, even if they are already asleep."
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Never ordinary, Indiana cant even sleep the accepted way. Always, some part of his body is hanging off of his bed. We picked up a "yellow foam fold out Sesame Street couch" to cushion his landing when he rolls out of bed during the night. Apparently it works, since he doesn't usually wake up when he rolls out onto the floor.

Not like Mom!

My mom is absolutely amazing at photo editing. It seems like she can do anything. I cant even remove all the red eye from a picture, so i have to make it black and white to share it.

Indiana's schedule is screwed up again. 130am and he's up and frisky. Man this makes me nuts that he cant get his sleep schedule ironed out. I can't wait to be not tired anymore. When does that happen?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Come and get it!

There are a number of steps one must take to prepare for dinner in our home:

1) Remove clothing.
2) Ceremonially spread the big white tarp on the carpet.
3) Chase a screaming toddler three times around the house.
4) Plop the recently caught toddler on the mat.
5) Retrieve dinner from kitchen.
6) Set plate on mat.
7) Retrieve toddler from bathroom (where he has run as soon as your back was turned)
8) Park toddler on mat.
9) Offer toddler fork.
10) Duck. (this is optional, as he will probably hit you whether you move or not)
11) Pull noodles from your hair.
12) Pretend to take a bite of toddlers food (he wont eat it if you don't)
13) Try desperately not to laugh when you see this:

After dinner Indy enjoys a long warm bath and mama drinks.

Boba Fett

Chris's Halloween pumpkin... Boba Fett's insignia. I haven't gotten to Indy's pumpkins yet. I am hoping Duck will volunteer to come help me (hint hint).

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Ever feel like you have nothing to do? Do you seem to have too much time on your hands? The solution is here... Hang out with a toddler all day long. You wont believe how busy a tiny person can be. Everything is interesting and must be poked at, mushed up, climbed on, jumped off, pulled at and thrown about.

doesn't he "look" like he's as innocent as a new born lambkin? He aint. Don't let the smirking face fool ya. He's a speed demon who can throw a new stick of deodorant into the toilet faster than you can turn around and shout "NO"!

So, today i went to target and bought new deodorant.

i know i never will say thank you.

This is not an Indiana post. This is not a Brother Duck post. This is a life lesson post.
I have a lot on my mind. It started out innocuously enough:
I got an offline instant message from an old boyfriend. Said old boyfriend will be in town for two weeks and would i like to see him while he is here. I haven't seen him in a few years, so yes i would like to see him... BUT... Chris (that's the spouse for those of you not in the know) cant stand this particular ex. He likes every single one of my friends and ex's EXCEPT this one.
This ex he detests.
So, this devolved into a discussion of history and my past and my "feelings". Those who know me KNOW i HATE discussing my feelings. I detest sloppy mushy stuff. There in lies another problem. You see, the spouse brings up a totally off topic point. This post is about that point:

I have another old friend who is coming to town in December (you know who you are). Chris wants to meet this old friend because he has heard many, many old tales from Melody (my best friend... Since Teresa dissolved into the mist many moons ago) and myself about the good old days. This December-visiting friend has always been kind and funny on his own blog, polite and ironic when commenting on ours. We were talking about what this old friend meant to me. I told my husband all kinds of funny things: the time my friends parents told me they thought i was a vampire, the apple tree around the corner from my house, the time we all got drunk at a party and he crawled home through the snow (leaving my other friends and i to frantically check the lake for cracks, hoping he didn't fall in, since he didn't tell anyone he was going home), me choosing this friend FIRST when we played football even though this friend couldn't play to save his own life, me choosing this friend LAST when we played football because he couldn't play to save his own life, how the friend's parents grounded him from ME as punishment for everything, about the time the friend scored an against all odds touchdown in the next block, and how we would sit on the phone together from 11pm to 3am saying nothing... Just being there. I told my husband that without this friend i wouldn't have made it. No way would i have lived through my life without my friend. I told my husband that i was about the (curse word alert) Shity-est person in the world because when it came down to it, i wasn't a friend to my friend. When it came down to it, i hurt him, i used him, i treated him like shit, and i never ever once said thank you, not ever. i probably never will. Years ago, instead of being a self absorbed, self centered, (curse word alert #2) bitch, i should have told that friend, "Thank you for saving my life. Thank you for always being there for me no matter how bad things got. Thank you for holding my hand when i needed it and holding my hair when i drank too much. Thank you for sitting quietly on the other end of the phone when i couldn't say anything. Thank you for living the bad years with me. Thank you for being you, because without you, i wouldn't have made it." I never will tell him thank you. Even now, as i write this, i say i "should have" but i never did. And now, the years have passed, the friendship has waned, lost over time.

I want to see them both when they come to town. The ex, because once i cared, and i am curious, but no loss if i don't see him. The friend, because maybe this time i will tell him thank you. Maybe this time i will tell him I'm sorry. Probably this time i will just buy him coffee, talk about old times, i wont say thank you, i wont say I'm sorry, and i will walk away feeling lousy and he will walk away feeling smug, and we will see each other again in 3 or 4 years and i will again have another chance that i wont take.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Scenery, as promised.

Oregon's coastline is some of the most beautiful 304 miles in the world (320 driving miles on hwy 101). We visited the central Oregon coast, hitting the highlights in Newport, Depot Bay, Cape Foulweather, Devil's Bunch Bowl, and Lincoln City (we came home via hwy 18 & hwy 22 stopping at Spirit Mountain Casino for dinner and a picture of the sunset to conclude the day). It was around 70 degrees (Fahrenheit), which is phenomenal for a late October day. No rain, and only mild wind. So, that is all the narration for this photos i will give , they speak for themselves (oh i have to add that all of these pictures were taken from ground level).

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Squash and stuff

What a weekend! With two days to go (we are enjoying a 4 day weekend here at the State of Indiana), I'm already tired. We have been doing so much! Today we went to the Tennessee Thunder Train yard, and the "gang" rode on the train... This is Indy, Chris, cousin Macy and Duck boy, sitting in the last car of the little train (Duck makes a great caboose)!

Next we hit the pumpkin patch, where Duecie, Heidi, Macy, Duck, Indy and Chris picked out 225 pounds worth of pumpkins!

Indiana had a ball climbing amongst the pumpkins and posing here and there for pictures...

The patch was enormous, and Duck and Chris looked near and far for just the right ones. Macy came away with a 50 pound pumpkin, Duck with a 53 pounder, Indiana got himself a 54 pound monster, but the all time big pumpkin of the day went to Chris with his weighing in at 55 pounds.

Yesterday we took Indy's grandma donkey and her sister to the beach, i took well over 100 pictures for the aunt to take home. Tomorrows post will be beach pictures! Oregon's coast is so beautiful, and i have so many photos, that I need more time to get together which i want to post! Keep an eye out tomorrow for the scenery...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Ok, yeah, I'm an idiot ... It is OCTOBER. I should make myself write lines, huh.

my broken link sucked, I found a better one... Sony Kinetics has its own site. Clicking on product overview on that site will show you the whole thing.

Yesterday was Indiana's grandma Donkey's birthday. She turned 44. She is a good sport, and thinks being called Donkey is pretty funny and unique. The quick version of how she got her name is that, well, its nicer to call her Donkey than Jackass (we were out at a tavern a few years ago and she got silly and acted kind of like an ass and a new nickname was born when our friend said she was being a jackass and I told my dear husband that next time we went out he needed to leave his donkey at home).

So, the cake... By the time the neighbors had all had pieces and everyone was "caked out", there was still half a cake. We left the last half on the kitchen counter overnight. Today I had to go out to town, so I went in my bedroom to change into jeans and a clean tshirt. I came out of the bedroom (in less than 5 minute) to find Indiana covered in chocolate frosting and sitting in a plastic "thingy". I walked into the kitchen, thinking "that better not be what I think it is". It was. The plastic "thingy" was the cover off of the cake. The cake itself was upside down on the kitchen floor. grrrr.

about the title of this post? This is post #600 here at "the State of Indiana"!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Sunny and Clear ...

How sweet is it that nearly midway through November, Indiana can still hang out outside and be warm about it! The sun is STILL shining, although mornings are getting chilly.
I have started (gasp) doing Kinetic work outs on the playstationII. (click on the word Kinetic to check out the game) Its evil. Its fun. Its awful. I love it. I hate it. The "game" is a personal trainer that works with the eye toy camera, to make me move my body, burn calories, and improve cardiovascular fitness. I am so fat now that its a real work out for me just at the beginner level. The quest to drop weight resumes.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Sometimes, I find myself at a loss. No particular reason. I talked about this several months ago, but its that time of year again where I get a little "crazy". I still take delight in those things I love, like hanging out with Duck. It isn't depression. Its lethargy, I think. Exhaustion from nearly a year and a half without a full nights sleep. Sadness at another impending holiday season with a tattered family, strung hither and yon. So, pardon my tendency for erratic behavior; pardon my rambling.

Am I the only one effected by fall in this way? When the weather turns cooler and the children return to school, the holidays close in, memories come back of years past. It seems that there is more time to think. More time to brood. I see the beauty of the season, feel the crispness of the air, and smell the delicious scent of impending rain, and I feel sad.


We have been so busy getting ready for the up coming visit of Grandma Donkey's sister that I haven't had time for picture taking and blog writing. I am a horrible blogger, but I swear I will get better. Not, obviously, with this post, but soon.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

zzzzzzzzzz .......

So, I am mostly feeling better. I can breathe through my nose again, which is a nice plus for those who have to sleep near me when I am sick. I have the most un-feminine snore when I am sick. Its not loud enough to wake ME up, so I guess that's all that matters, since my charming husband would NEVER announce to the world that I kept him up all night snoring like a jet engine. He is too nice to mention that. With my honking loud snores though, the upstairs neighbors must have thought we were watching "top gun" with the surround sound turned all the way up.

Here's the scoop on today's picture: How cool is it to get Indy geared up in Florida Everglades stuff before he even gets there. Counting down... Just 6 months until vacation!

Last bit confidential to Jimmie: Happy belated birthday Nihm! We enjoyed dinner , thanks for going. We love having Duck and you here. Thank you.