Friday, January 25, 2008

don't touch me, I'm famous.

the set up:

Macy (my niece) left her over-sized sunglasses at our place, after visiting today. Indy found them right off and has been wearing them ever since. He was lounging on the davenport, watching the telly, clad in his new orange shirt that reads, "I still live with my parents".


Monday, January 21, 2008

Counting my Blessings.

Sometimes, it's just good to be me:

I have two amazing sons.
I have a decent husband who works hard to care for his family.
I have a ration of family members who love me.
I have a fantastic set of ex-in laws who are supportive and caring.
I also have the best set of friends and honorary family members there could be.

To me, these helping loving supportive folks are yet one more proof of the real blessings i have been given.

It turns out the "Older Blessing" (err Duck) has a girlfriend. I have seen a picture and she looks pretty cute. (i debated posting that picture here, but i figured i will hold it in reserve for when he really irritates me) He has been squiring her to movies and basketball games. He also seems to have a smudge of dirt that cant be wiped from his upper lip without a razor. Where did the years go!?! So, yeah this picture is (as always) of just the youngest of our blessings:

So, back to blessings... thanks to the other Dad in my life, for going out of his way, driving clear to the next town and even being late to coffee to help me out. I truly am humbled by the good fortune that brought you all into my life. well except John, he'd get a swelled head over the thing you know.

Friday, January 18, 2008

the return of the king...

thank you for your patience during our week long technical difficulty. we have been restored to the internet and look forward to catching up with our family, friends and fellow bloggers!

i can admit i missed my daily peeks into the blogosphere. and i also missed sharing our families life with you all. as soon as i can get something together i will get an update up.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Decision '08

We aren't political here in the State of Indiana...

OK, we are, but we are pretty much center-ist folks who don't run our mouths about things, but i digress. Anyways, i enjoy checking out "goodies" that tell me which candidate spouts off the stuff i want to hear. If you wonder who gives lip service to your values (c'mon... you don't think the candidates BELIEVE the crap they say do you!?!), check out this gadget that good old Fox put online for free.

what pleased me in this little do-hickey was that the candidate whom i give the most support to was, indeed, the top pick for me when i answered the questions honestly. With Fox, one can never be too sure, you know.

Weekend of Wild Weather!

This Weekend has seen some WILD weather!

We have had 50-60 mile per hour winds here in the Valley, as well as enough rain to flood the park across the street! Our neighbor kids (Raven and CJ) even hauled out the raft and floated around the playground!

I think the water-logged park looked lovely with the lights and trees reflecting off the surface of the water.

We even got a light dusting of Snow! We bundled Indy all up in his boots and coat then let him go out to scrape snow off of the car. He and his dad even made a tiny snow-ball man on the roof of the car!

Yes, they did hit me with a snowball.

We are loving the windy-wet-snowy fun!

Enjoy your weather Wherever you may be!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

in profile:

our growing toddler is enthralled with his Christmas gift. He received a much beloved Fisher Price Digital Art Studio. He doodles, he draws, he stamps, he jumps up and down screaming in delight. Grandpa and Tooti did good this year!

Duck and Koda got him a WWE wrestling ring and Santa, along with the aunts purchased him several wrestling action figures... when he isn't drawing he is wrestling!

happy new year.