Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weekend of Wild Weather!

This Weekend has seen some WILD weather!

We have had 50-60 mile per hour winds here in the Valley, as well as enough rain to flood the park across the street! Our neighbor kids (Raven and CJ) even hauled out the raft and floated around the playground!

I think the water-logged park looked lovely with the lights and trees reflecting off the surface of the water.

We even got a light dusting of Snow! We bundled Indy all up in his boots and coat then let him go out to scrape snow off of the car. He and his dad even made a tiny snow-ball man on the roof of the car!

Yes, they did hit me with a snowball.

We are loving the windy-wet-snowy fun!

Enjoy your weather Wherever you may be!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It has been blustery-scary-windy- rainy-stormy here....Supposedly MORE today....We'll see....They are so often wrong about "The Weather" predictions...LOL!

Lovely pictures....I wish I could see them BIGGER....!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I actually can see all of them but one, Bigger! The largest picture cannot be made bigger, but the others can, I'm happy to say! Thanks!

caroline said...

That is too funny with the raft in the park!
It's been really wet here in Michigan also. As soon as we get snow in about 2 days it rains and takes it all away and we are left with mud :(

Carmi said...

The world would be a happier place if more people followed your lead and enjoyed the weather. Instead, they whine about it, thinking that their mood will somehow change things. It won't, of course, so it makes eminent sense to say manyana and plunge in.

I love the tone of this is the case with pretty much everything you share here.

cube said...

You let that poor child go out like that? Why he'll freeze to death ;-)