Thursday, January 13, 2011

class blog

SO, one of my CC classes requires us to blog with partners. I am not going to co-opt the State of Indiana, but i will link from here to there so anyone who may show up here can go to the blog of this tri-mester's Media and Society course that my partner adn i are being forced to endure... My partner's name is Amanda and you can find us here .

Saturday, December 25, 2010

hosting a brief bit of video

for some reason i cant post a video to my brother's facebook, so i am just hosting it here... that way i can post it on facebook as a link!

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Monday, June 07, 2010


i've just gotten lazy about posting on here. i am sure i will continue to post once every few weeks, but for more contact, content, pics and other visit me at facebook

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

what we've been up to lately (pictorial)

We have been keeping busy... between school work and family life, we are living to the fullest it seems. From the bottom to the top (commentary) :
  • Knights of the realm, Indiana and Greg Hopla, My great grandmother was married to Greg's grandfather's brother, so that makes us shirt tail cousins of a sort.
  • Chubby sometimes gets sleepy, and it helps to have a sleep buddy.
  • Indy's friend Garrett had a birthday, we celebrated here with lots of kids!
  • more of Garrett's birthday
  • still more of Garrett's birthday
  • We saw a paddle wheel boat in the river on our adventure walk
  • really cool globe along our walk
  • Indy and Trime in Tooti's garden (looks close, they are in there!)
  • the new trampoline is a deffinte hit (or jump!)
  • Indy was very brave and crossed the Willamette river on the converted pedestrian bridge.
There's been lots going on, and we have been having a great time. Meanwhile, daddy is in Florida and Indy misses him.

Monday, March 29, 2010

humbled by my children:

two stories, one for each of my kids...

sorry, no pics today.

About Indy:

on our way home from Florida we flew through Atlanta. I was complaining about flight delays and airport miseries. Fate and the four year old found a way to make those flight delays trivial. When we found our gate, it was covered in camo. We were scheduled to fly out of gate E31... covering every inch of E31, 32, 33, and 34 were approximately 300+ US Army Soldiers. We sat near a major who told us they were heading to Afghanistan, via Kuwait. Indy saluted him and told him thank you for being in the army... the major gave indy a uniform flag patch and told us he had a 5 year old son waiting at home. Indy then made friends with a young Soldier named Mike. Mike was a wonderful young man, with a nice southern accent and a heart of gold who spent half and hour or so talking with Indy. When the flight was called, Mike went off to join the single file line of Soldier's snaking down the concourse. Indy, being Indy, wanted to go say goodbye one last time to his new friend, whom we will probably never hear from again. I let him. Mike the Army guy was near the head of the line. Indy decided he was going to high five every one of those soldiers, and he did. Looking down the line, you could see the men and women shuffling things out of their hands, so they could have a free hand to high five him, or ruffle his hair. he smiled and said thank you for being in the army over and over and by the time he got to the end i was nearly in tears, humbled by my little guy.
I hope those soldiers know how much they mean to Indy. He loves all of them, but he loves Mike the best.

About Duck:

Today, i had a lecture, then a ten minute break before lab. On the break i was smoking and i noticed a fellow from my lecture there and struck up a conversation... asking him if he had lab with me or had lab 2. He said he had lab2 because the M/W one ran too late for him to pick up his daughter from school. I asked which school she was at and it was CLOVER RIDGE! well, that's the school Duck went to, and he volunteers there also. I mentioned how much we love it there, and not mentioning my older boy by name, said he volunteered with Mrs, Grahm's kindergartners. The man looked at me for a moment and said "Dakota?" of course I said, "yes! how did you know!?!?" he said his daughter is in that class now, and he had met Dakota earlier in the year and that my son looks just like me, and isn't Dakota just the nicest, politest, most helpful teenager ever... WOW. in public, Duck really is, we get told by teachers and things quite often what a delight he is (in private it is a whole different thing). It was heart warming to hear a stranger tell me that he see these traits in my child.

I have great boys, and i love them both so much. my children are truly blessings raining down on me.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

oh woe is me:

I got the last of my grades this morning... all As.

Oh woe is me I am burdened by my great intellect, hehhehehe.

Anyways, my forehead is burnt, and my feet sorta hurt, but i got to touch a Stingray! Today's agenda: visit a friend and hit the gulf. finally some water!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

fly the friendly skies:

first vacation posting: (i'm no travel writer... thank goodness) check back occasionally for more photos and etc...

we made it.

Our flight out of Portland was delayed by about 45 minutes, then when we landed in Detroit, we were so late that we had to sit on the tarmac for almost 20 minutes while they made room at a gate for us. We initially had 50 minutes scheduled to change planes, but with all the delays, we ended up MISSING our connection and sitting in Detroit for over three hours while Delta tried to get us on another flight (the cool thing was that i got to buy a Detroit Piston's t-shirt for Indy in Detroit).

We finally drug into Ft. Meade about 1pm, no one had slept since 8 the morning before, Indy was cranky and finally just passed out right before we pulled into the driveway. It was a long long trip, but worth it. We went to Inco Agrico Mosaic wetlands park today... it is just BEAUTIFUL here.... while Chris and I were walking the boardwalk and admiring the Peace River (which was higher than i had ever seen it) Indy was at DISNEY WORLD!