Saturday, January 23, 2010

ah, sales:

I love sales. Fred Meyer had all of their Oregon Duck gear (and their beaver gear as well) on sale for 40% off! Thus, Indy got a new jersey!! Getting him to stand still long enough for a picture, well... that is a whole 'nother story :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

i freely admit i have a problem:

many of you already know about my little problem.
it's furniture.
i have a LOT.
i can't help myself.
i should join a support group :)

anyhow, i am transferring my illness on to the next generation... Indy got a new bed. He did need one, and now Bosco has his own spot, too. Indy loves it, and his friends (the friend in the picture is Colton) think it is pretty awesome, too.

Monday, January 04, 2010

they say he was good...

My brother and almost sister in law took Indy to the zoo today. Jake and Marissa... that's them in a pic i stole from Jacob's myspace... well, i think the crazy faces were probably the result of being with Indy in a car for over an hour! I teased that they would want to get "fixed" after an outing with him!
Indy says he had a great time and Jacob says that Indy was a good kid. I am really happy Indy is getting to know his uncle and aunt, and i am always happy to have some alone time with my math homework!

on a side note... i love Marissa's SUV.

Friday, January 01, 2010


c'mon DUCKS...

we want ROSES!

that horrible pathetic choking sound, yeah... that's Oregon.
there is always next year.


first pic of the new year

I really wanted to get an ab fab picture of Indy to start the new year. He didn't co-operate. So, i got an ab fab picture of someone else! This "some-one-else" is a valued and beloved member of our family, too. He gets a little press, but mostly he just lays around being long suffering as Indiana uses him as a pillow, a ladder, a jungle gym, a towel, and a multitude of other things...