Sunday, May 16, 2010

what we've been up to lately (pictorial)

We have been keeping busy... between school work and family life, we are living to the fullest it seems. From the bottom to the top (commentary) :
  • Knights of the realm, Indiana and Greg Hopla, My great grandmother was married to Greg's grandfather's brother, so that makes us shirt tail cousins of a sort.
  • Chubby sometimes gets sleepy, and it helps to have a sleep buddy.
  • Indy's friend Garrett had a birthday, we celebrated here with lots of kids!
  • more of Garrett's birthday
  • still more of Garrett's birthday
  • We saw a paddle wheel boat in the river on our adventure walk
  • really cool globe along our walk
  • Indy and Trime in Tooti's garden (looks close, they are in there!)
  • the new trampoline is a deffinte hit (or jump!)
  • Indy was very brave and crossed the Willamette river on the converted pedestrian bridge.
There's been lots going on, and we have been having a great time. Meanwhile, daddy is in Florida and Indy misses him.