Tuesday, October 30, 2007


i take good pictures and send them to my mother.
She makes my pictures great (with photo shop) and sends them back.
i liked this one:
Halloween is tomorrow.
What are you going to dress up as?
What do you think Indy is going to be?
(hint: Indy is not a dinosaur or dragon this year)

Monday, October 29, 2007

keeping our room clean:

I rearranged the furniture in Indiana's room for the winter. The heater was behind his bed and needed to be accessible now that we are having some cold nights. The new position of the bed was directly under the big toy hammock. Indy pulled said hammock off the wall and now there is a pile that is a few feet deep of stuffed toys.
The local FD and PD used to take "stuffies" like these and hand them out to children in scary type situations. They seem to only want brand new ones now, so perhaps the homeless shelter?

Do you have any ideas who might want a few dozen gently used stuffed animals??

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Captain Morgan:

Drink Rum: It boosts morale AND fights scurvy!
Actually, in case you cant tell because of the way it is lit, this is Brother Duck, ready for Halloween. I think he looks like an advertisement for Captain Morgan's lovely Spiced Rum. If he wasn't only 15 i would probably send it in!
For the record: he didn't drink any, and he was upset because the bottle came out of the freezer and it was cold, but i made him hold it for the photo.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


A week or so ago i was visiting my blog-friend Carmi ...he had an interesting picture (and post) about doors.

Thus inspired, I caught Indiana enjoying the back door. It seems that the fascination for doors just might be lifelong... opening up new horizons of adventure and joy.

to visit Carmi's door post Click Here

Friday, October 19, 2007


One of the great things about art is that it can be nearly anything, nearly anywhere. Young Picasso here, err rather, Indiana, loves sidewalk chalk and sidewalk paint. I prefer the paint to the chalk. The feel of the paint squishing through my fingers makes me feel happy.

Now, i have no talent at painting or art or crafts either for that matter. My mother is this fantastic oil painting, charcoal drawing, pencil sketching seiously artistic talent; She can sew, she can do crafts, she is brilliant. I think maybe it has skipped me and gone straight to Indiana. He can always be found drawing on something that he isn't supposed to be drawing on (like the wall!) We actually have dry-erase pens on the fridge so Indy can draw on it whenever he wants!

Oh, and as a side note to those who read the previous post... i took about 20 pictures of the new davenports and dint like any of them so i will try again tomorrow.

Free Lunch?

So, I got new sofa's again today. I have a motto... "there is no such thing as too much furniture". Actually, i replaced the Victorian set that we bought back in March with this new set. We had about a zillion payments left on that set (we leased it) and this wonderful new set i got for free.
I realized something odd as i was writing this... I started this blog as Indiana was born. Looking back in the two and a half years i have been writing this is my 4Th set of sofa's! (all well photographically docummented on this blog) I wonder if i have a "problem"!?!
So, anyways, the picture here is of my mom's blind cat, Braille, looking for his lunch at the bird bath. Apparently he too, prefers the free sofa; err i mean lunch.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

donald duck

We do not know what we will be for Halloween yet. We were thinking about Caesar. We were thinking about doing the dinosaur again. We were thinking about Spiderman. We were thinking about Donald Duck.

Too many choices.

Monday, October 15, 2007

we yet live!

I assure you, although i have been somewhat indifferent lately about getting posts done, we are still very much alive and doing well.

Indy has recovered from his first ear infection of the year.

I have been back and forth to the dentist, with yet another visit coming up in a week.

Chris has been working hard, mandatory overtime.

Duck is busy with school, working on projects and busily learning to drive all over the place.

So, anyways... i give myself this disapproving look:

(look courtesy of John)

I promise to post more soon... maybe.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Autumn and a personal bit:

Fall is coming on hard and heavy in our valley.
The temperatures have plummeted.
Rain is in the air every day.
Beauty is in the clouds of silver and grey.
Peace is in the leaves of green, red, gold and brown.

I have had a lot on my mind in the last few weeks and am finally feeling better for talking with my mom. Now, normally, i try to keep this stuff to myself, but recently i had been sharing with a close friend and kind of got into the habit of talking again. I had forgotten what a help it is, a relief really, to be able to just talk about what ails you and still feel loved. Sometimes a strong person (or one who struggles to be strong) forgets that its OK to share her burden. Needing a sympathetic ear isn't a weakness. It humanity. It wasn't lowering at all, to share my concerns, it was liberating. I still am under a great deal of stress and still have a lot going on in my mind, but now i don't feel alone. Thanks mom, I needed that a lot.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

tour stop x2:

the last two stops on the whirlwind tour included the Oregon Zoo (formerly the Washington Park Zoo, but the management, in their wisdom, figured folks wouldn't know the Washington Park Zoo was located in Oregon not Washington and changed its name) and also the Multnomah Falls. The zoo was fun, but honestly, how many pictures of the zoo do you really want to see when the falls are much much grander?
So, the Falls are located in the Beautiful Columbia River George in the northernmost section of the state:
This particular view of the gorge was captured at a little old rest stop (by old i mean the place was built in 1919) along the scenic highway called the Vista House. If you ever get the chance, don't miss it!
The falls themselves are enormous. This is the full view (mostly)... upper falls (above the bridge)...lower falls (below the bridge)...
looking straight down from the foot bridge at the lower falls...
So, actually the visit went very well and i think over all we showed Oregon off quite nicely. We have been busy with "family doings" in the last week... Indy had an ear infection and Duck had a birthday and the husband has mandatory overtime for a while and my best friend suddenly has a girlfriend and doesn't seem to have time for us anymore and Indy is playing at an indoor toddler co-op play group thing now and loving it and oh we try to stay busy...
see ya again soon.