Thursday, October 25, 2007

Captain Morgan:

Drink Rum: It boosts morale AND fights scurvy!
Actually, in case you cant tell because of the way it is lit, this is Brother Duck, ready for Halloween. I think he looks like an advertisement for Captain Morgan's lovely Spiced Rum. If he wasn't only 15 i would probably send it in!
For the record: he didn't drink any, and he was upset because the bottle came out of the freezer and it was cold, but i made him hold it for the photo.


Arica Meston-Kelley said...

ROFL...Now that's funny! I forgot about your Im going to get to reading now...:)

caroline said...

The pirate ship in the background is an awesome touch..

very cool...

Catherine said...

Those are great photos - both the pirate, and the doors. How did you do the background? Is it Photoshopped?
Michele sent me