Monday, October 29, 2007

keeping our room clean:

I rearranged the furniture in Indiana's room for the winter. The heater was behind his bed and needed to be accessible now that we are having some cold nights. The new position of the bed was directly under the big toy hammock. Indy pulled said hammock off the wall and now there is a pile that is a few feet deep of stuffed toys.
The local FD and PD used to take "stuffies" like these and hand them out to children in scary type situations. They seem to only want brand new ones now, so perhaps the homeless shelter?

Do you have any ideas who might want a few dozen gently used stuffed animals??


caroline said...

we have thrift stores, or salvation army's that will take some...or i would say garage sale :)

Theo said...

garage/yard sale with the funds placed in an education fund. gotta start somewhere. :)

here from Michele's site of the day

cube said...

We have the same problem. Unfortunately, we end up letting the dogs play with them until they're destroyed.

cube said...
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