Monday, October 08, 2007

Autumn and a personal bit:

Fall is coming on hard and heavy in our valley.
The temperatures have plummeted.
Rain is in the air every day.
Beauty is in the clouds of silver and grey.
Peace is in the leaves of green, red, gold and brown.

I have had a lot on my mind in the last few weeks and am finally feeling better for talking with my mom. Now, normally, i try to keep this stuff to myself, but recently i had been sharing with a close friend and kind of got into the habit of talking again. I had forgotten what a help it is, a relief really, to be able to just talk about what ails you and still feel loved. Sometimes a strong person (or one who struggles to be strong) forgets that its OK to share her burden. Needing a sympathetic ear isn't a weakness. It humanity. It wasn't lowering at all, to share my concerns, it was liberating. I still am under a great deal of stress and still have a lot going on in my mind, but now i don't feel alone. Thanks mom, I needed that a lot.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh my dear...I'm glad you were able to share all this...To speak about your concerns and troubles IS as you say, very liberating! I don't think I could have survived this life without being able to unload my feelings and troubles to someone that I trustr and also trusted that they would not see me as weak, at all....You know, if need be, sometimes writing all this stuff out helps---I don't mean here on the blog, though that is a thought, I mean just dumping it all on paper and getting it all out---Then, you might even just shred it or burn it or whatever...But the point being, you have unburdened yourself, FOR and TO yourself...I use to do that a lot when I was strugglingwith very difficult problems and I found it incredibly helpful.

I hope things lighten up for you soon, my dear...It is great that you have a "friend" like that!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

It isn't life threatening, so you will recover. Maybe you could just say a little "So it goes," then smile and be happy. Hope so.

Arica Meston-Kelley said...

And sometimes it just takes an ear that is completely out of the equation to give you honest thoughts and from one strong lady to another...Im here if you need me...MUAH!