Friday, October 19, 2007

Free Lunch?

So, I got new sofa's again today. I have a motto... "there is no such thing as too much furniture". Actually, i replaced the Victorian set that we bought back in March with this new set. We had about a zillion payments left on that set (we leased it) and this wonderful new set i got for free.
I realized something odd as i was writing this... I started this blog as Indiana was born. Looking back in the two and a half years i have been writing this is my 4Th set of sofa's! (all well photographically docummented on this blog) I wonder if i have a "problem"!?!
So, anyways, the picture here is of my mom's blind cat, Braille, looking for his lunch at the bird bath. Apparently he too, prefers the free sofa; err i mean lunch.


gautami tripathy said...

Hope you like your new sofa too much to get rid of it in a hurry!

Great picture of Braille!

Michele sent me here to have a dekko!

flleenie said...

We have a huge 1970's entertainment center that we got for free from a friend. I love it! I know I like to get free things!! Cute picture.
Michele sent me...

Becky68 said...

wow- 4 sofas in less than 3 years? I admit- I could have used that many- my kids tear stuff up so quickly! However I got just 1 new couch (& 3 chairs) this June (for the first time in 7 years) They already need to be slipcovered- due to stains.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Shephard said...

What a great capture! And I love Braille as a kitty name. I love furniture too, and am always a little sad once a house reaches its max.

Michele says hello!
~S :)

caroline said...

In 9 years in the same house i have had exactly 2 couches...If it wasn't for a certain dog i had a few years back i would probably had the 1st one still.