Monday, April 18, 2005

Time to go home!

Indiana got to come home from the hospital today. Welcome home baby boy.

Handsome Face

The bruising is going away already. I am starting to show more of my hair and my handsome little pug nose and less of my brilliant purple color! My parents are very proud.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

New Aunt

Chris's sister Kathryn has become an aunt! This picture was taken moments after Indiana's birth. I am pale, and tired, Indiana is purple and bruised, and Kathryn is glowing and thrilled!

A birth story

I am a little slow in posting this, so I back dated it to his birthday. I want to post before I forget.

Chris and I woke up around 7 am Saturday morning. I felt a little off, and noticed I was having mild contractions. They were pretty close together (I was timing them at about 5 minutes apart). But they were mild and I wasn't worried. I mentioned it to Chris and he went into "fatherhood frenzy". You know the one. "call the doctor lets go lets go call your doctor" (hehe) Around 8 I finally got talked into going to the hospital. We got to Labor and Delivery on the third floor at Samaritan Albany General Hospital at about 815am. The nurses checked me out and said "3cm... Maybe we will admit you maybe we wont. Try taking a whirlpool bath here in your room and we will wait about an hour and see what happens"
Now I had been diagnosed group b strep positive, so I had to be given antibiotics while I was in labor (that's the main reason they considered keeping me... Had I not been group b positive they would have sent me home). While in the whirlpool tub I lost my mucus plug, and at 915 when the nurses came in to check on me we were at 4cm and in active labor. It still was pretty mild though. Then the doc came in and broke my water. If you have never experienced that, its as if you had no control of your bladder at all and just peed yourself in a great gush, then in a constant trickle. Once my water was broken, OH MAN IT HURT!! It wasn't bad until that. Around 1015 I screamed for drugs and got a nice shot of Stadol. I recommend it. I felt almost instant better, in fact I felt kind of silly, and started babbling on to Chris. I don't know what about. (I do remember being really pissed because he was so excited he was spending so much time calling everyone on the phone, and not enough time with me, but I didn't complain until I hit transition). As the stadol wore off (around 1145) I started whimpering for more. The nurse gave it to me, but I didn't see her do it, and couldn't tell that she had since there was no pain lessening like before. I remember watching and watching and never seeing her give me the drug, so I finally asked her and she said that she had done it as soon as I asked, while Chris was talking to me, and I hadn't seen it. I felt kind of silly that I had watched for no reason. So, we conversed in between pains, all of us, and decided ok... epidural. Well, its a Saturday and the anesthesiologist is not at the hospital, so they have to call him. About the time we decide ok, call him, I suddenly decided maybe I was going to push really really soon, and so the nurse checked me and agreed, I would deliver before I could get more pain relief, so we went with it. The doc came in and we pushed for about 5 minutes. Now, in the classes they show you how you push a little then break then push a little more then break. Not us. He was one solid long push no break. He didn't come out and go in like they show you. For a solid 3-5 minutes we pushed, and I cried and made lots of noise, and the nurse held one leg and Chris held the other, and I was afraid Chris was going to look! Then there he was and behind him came another gush of water (which was kind of gross really). They put his up on my tummy, and I just looked at Chris and was in awe. I didn't think I would ever feel like that again. When I had Dakota I had that feeling, I was surprised to feel it again. I guess its true what they say about enough love for all your children. Anyways, as soon as we were decent my mom and my best friend melody and brand new aunt Kathryn (Chris's sister) came in to greet our newest Jones. He was so bruised his face was purple/black. The docs said it was because he came so fast! But it cleared up the next day and by the time they let us out of the hospital on the second day (48 hour strep watch kept us there a while) he was normal looking. He never had any problems with the strep, thank god. Around midnight the night he was born, Indiana and I had just settled in and were drifting off to sleep, Chris had gone home when the nurse came in and said, "I'm sorry but we need you to move to another room, we have lots of mammas and no empty rooms. So, we got up Packed up and moved over to a different room. We had him in the room at the end of the first hall, and we recovered at the end of the second hall. It was quiet and peaceful. We had all his visitors and his docs and nurses sign a framed picture of him, that will be a nice souvenir for him as he gets older.
well, that's it. I know Chris probably has more to add, and saw and felt different things. And I know Kathryn being in and out and helping us probably could add things as well, but this is what I remember.

Moments after birth

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