Monday, March 31, 2008

Welcome Home:

there are many repercussions to which friends a person chooses in their youth.

i was luckier than most in this regard.

I have mentioned our group a few times here... as we searched for each other and came together as adults, who's shared history made us veterans of a crazy time, most fully recovered. Oddly, most of my current friends i have known for many years. usually in those odd myspace surveys, its my husband who i have known the least amount of time.

There's Terry: He was the high school jock, captain of this and that (my high school boyfriend) full of himself and with a glorious life ahead of him, too good for the rest of us, but Here he is now: a sweet guy, mostly single, who plays with Indy, helps my mom out, hangs out with my brother, plays video games with my husband, and is a great friend.

There's Teresa: loud, proud, brash, and a little insecure, our favorite, she made you want to protect her from life, but Here she is now: the most stable of my friends, with a quiet husband for 7ish years now, stays home and babysits her nieces and nephews and in laws, rediscovered and is a beautiful person

There's Melody: She was the "new kid" never really fitting in, but ever ready to please, bake for us, or just be noticed by us, in retrospect probably more fragile than any of us knew...but Where is she now: well, no one actually talks to her really, in nearly a year. the loss of younger brother from heart failure 3 years ago seemed to shatter that veneer of sanity she hid behind. i feel for her, hope she recovers and rejoins us, but for now am cut off, as i circle the wagons to protect my family.

There's Arica: Beautiful, funny, charming, slightly evil, flitting like a butterfly around life. Loud enough to lead, smart enough not to. Here she is now: two beautiful sons (one brand new) a handsome husband who loves her, who serves his country and all of us, keeping himself and the rest of us safe, fighting for us all in Iraq. Arica, with her humor and strength keeping us all sane, and grounded. wow.

There were others, but there was John: quiet, competent, caring, a fantastic family, he struggled with his image of himself, and of us, he was the most outwardly normal of everyone i knew... because we all know jock's, slow's, new's, tramp's and drunk's cant be normal... and that was the rest of us, in one or more categories. As soon as he could, he joined up with the service and kicked some of this dust. And here he is now: quiet, caring, flashing moments of competence, but unsettled, struggling with his image of himself and a family that evolved from Donna Reed into Ozzy Osbourne while he was away.

Now, this post isn't about all of my old friends who stayed with me... it's about John's parents. As the family changed, they adjusted so that they could still exude the same quiet strength and competence and security that they did all my life... even if Karen has taken to moving the Christmas tree. the history i have with them is sometimes embarrassing, sometimes i try not to remember, but they have always been willing to be there... when i deserved it, when i didn't, when they didn't have to be. even now.

So, the repercussions i started out talking about? Sometimes, when you find a lifetime friend in your youth, your children benefit years later. how? from getting to have an extra set of grandparents most kids don't get to have. the "john's mom and John's dad" that every little kid should have in their lives.

welcome home, Indy's wearing his shirt today!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

run to mommy hunny!

Happy Easter!
We attended the annual Central Linn Easter Egg Hunt in Brownsville. Indiana participated in the 0-3 age group and found 5 eggs! Sure it doesn't sound like a lot, but it really was. We had a great time and look forward to attending that event again next year.
Is it strange to drive 20 miles to a different town for egg hunting? Probably. But, Brownsville is the hometown of hometowns, the bastion of my family, my favorite memory lane... its Castle Rock in Stand By Me. no kidding.
Next event for us in Brownsville? Pioneer Picnic. Yes, i rail against it every year, but still we attend. Sometimes, you just have to go home again.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

up close and personal

over the 3 years i have been blogging i have often talked about Waverly Park where we go to feed the ducks. The goose population has really taken off there and although occasionally they can get a little rough (re: bite) most of the time the geese come right on up and eat nearly out of your hands. So, on our ramble to feed the geese we have picked up bits of leaves, grass, rocks, feathers and various flotsam... i think i am going to have his grandpa build him a box to hold all his nature treasures. i feel a bit bad about throwing all this fun stuff in the trash when we get home.

Monday, March 10, 2008

couldnt resist:

Every now and again i get pictures i just have to share. Here are a few from the last couple of days:

This first one is Indiana and his daddy with the South Fork of the Santiam River in the background:Next was a sweet moment at the top of the Falls at McDowell Creek Park:And Last, but certainly not least, was this absolute marvel... Indy with his Oncle Nate (i like the French Spelling better than the English, I am pretentious that way). This was also taken at McDowell Creek park:

there was a good shot of me at the falls, also, but i will save that for another day... Oh, yeah, the car... I still haven't actually taken a picture of it. well, i have, but it was lousy. So, you must still wait for pictures of it, sorry!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

tummy troubles update:

The news of the day? Indy is keeping food down! He was cleared by Doctor Bartlett today and is feeling fine!

Feelings of relief sweep through our home, and a big "thank you" goes out to all of our friends and family who kept Indy in their thoughts the last few days.

Pictures and all that junk on the new car coming in the next day or two. It's funny, we were all excited about the car for a few hours, then Indy got sick and it just sort of wasn't that important. I am, of course, back to being excited!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hospital Run:

So, we were at the car lot today buying our new car and instead of getting a regular dinner, we hopped over to Wendy's and got a quick bite for Indy, then went back to continue the marathon session at the dealership. The car dealer actually bought our lunch/dinner which we thought was kind of nice.
about 4 hours after Indy ate his cheeseburger kids meal he was violently ill. I'm talking exorcist vomiting. So, we cleaned him up in the bath with his dad, i washed his sheets and put fresh blankets on his bed, wiped down the walls, scraped up the floor and back to sleep he goes. 2 hours later he awakens again from a deep sleep violently spewing. We threw him into the new car and headed for the er. The nurse leads us to our little cubby-hole where Indy proceeds to vomit more... this time getting not just the bed, himself, but me and the nurse as well.
Bad Food from Wendy's. Good news, he is spewing everything as his body combats illness on its own. his stomach is working hard to right the wrong. he shouldn't need hospitalization unless he dehydrates or cant hold liquids down by noon or develops a fever.

For now he takes a few sips of his clear liquid diet, throws them up, cries a little, then rests until he tries again. its going to be a very long night... but be SHOULD be just fine in a day or so.
in case you are curious... yes, he threw up in the new car on the way home from the doctor. thankfully only on the blanket he was covered in.