Monday, November 30, 2009

pity party, sort of.

so... i have all kinds of great ideas for the future. most of them have me finishing college about the same time as Indiana. Some days, as i sit here trying to make my brain wiring kick, i wonder what the heck i am thinking going back to school.

here's the long version: i decided that the job market sucks for someone with no marketable education. that would be me. so, i did some looking and found a field i might be able to not kill myself in (i might kill others, but what the heck) anyhow, as i started really looking into my chosen field it started making more and more sense but the education for it got longer and longer. now, following the most recent addition to the educational trajectory i am thinking i should finish my university studies when i am 43. holy crap. at least i guess i wont have to work too many years before retiring. and if i keep getting the grades, i shouldn't have too many student loans, as scholarships are just kicking butt right now. however, to keep getting the grades sometimes i feel like, OK, i KNOW i neglect my family. i haven't seen Duck in an age (and he isn't even going to Florida with us this year) I was so wrapped up in my homework tonight that Indy went to bed without his customary bedtime story. the spouse is cooking dinner every-night, on top of unloading the dishwasher every day (i load it), doing his homework, and helping out in other areas... i am so far behind in the laundry we bought Indy three new pairs of pants so he would have something to wear to school on Monday morning. i don't want to work at McDonald's all my life, but i have trouble weighing the (relatively) short term familial neglect over the long term possible benefits. I haven't even gotten Indy's Santa letter written, nor the Christmas card address' put together.

wow, so that was a pity party, wasn't it. of course i feel much better now.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving

We are having ham.

The thanksgiving turkey was just, well... it was at other peoples houses and we stayed home. (Indy went to the other side of the family like he always does on thanksgiving... my folks came here, Chris is southern, thus we had ham)

This years thankful thing:

There are so many people that i am thankful for in my life.
All of the people crowd out the things, really.
Although i am thankful for my husbands ps3 (it keeps him off the streets)
I am so thankful to have two healthy beautiful sons.
I am thankful for the best set of folks, ever.
(really, you guys rock)
I am thankful for a group of friends,
who throughout the years have suffered ups and downs together and apart,
who will step up to the plate for me, whenever
You guys have been around for ages and know who you are.
I am thankful for online friends...
like Caroline, who I feel like is a regular friend.
I am thankful for my community college instructors,
some more than others.
Did i mention my husband yet? He's pretty amazing, too.
So, yeah, economy sucks. i have too much homework. and life isn't always easy
It's better than the alternative, and i am thankful for that.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

practice practice practice

Indy has been practicing writing his name, this was the first day (the green is daddy's model):
(he says the other symbols there mean "i love cheese")

Anyhow it's been about a week and a half and he has been practicing everyday on his white board. Not lots of hours or anything, just writing his name once or twice a day in purple, with a green model written by his dad or i visible near the top.
Well, today the spouse is all about getting the house spotless for thanksgiving, so I am trying to keep Indy out of trouble (no easy feat that). I wipe off the white board and begin writing his name in green on top when Indy says, "you don't need to write it, i know how to do it"... i erase the green letters and give him his purple pen:
Well done, little dude.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

pre-school play

Indy, Fisher, Justin, and Braeden hang out in one of the "learning centers" early in the morning. Indy really likes school (except nap days).

the school pictures came:

He is just so cute.
His dad said his lopsided smile makes him look a little goofy.
I think he looks amazing.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

random soldier

Yesterday was Veteran's day.

I could go on and on about the parade, and all that, but i wont,
instead i will just say what needs to be said. Thank you, to this random soldier who made Indy's day, and thank you to all soldiers and veterans. America, and we here at the State of Indiana are proud of you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

couple updates:


Duck is sick with the flu. I hope he feels better soon. We miss him, but no one wants to get sick so we havent seen him in a while. I tried to message him from class today, but he didn't answer so i figure he was sleeping.

I haven't posted a picture of Indy in a while, and although this one is not exactly recent, it's cute.

He says he wants to play golf like daddy, basketball like Duck, and motor-cross because he wants a bike... Duck's going to have to get his old one out of the barn and get it running... or not. I don't think Duck's old bike has training wheels.

Sunday, November 08, 2009


(yeah, not an Indy post...)
So, i am having this conversation about how math is harder for me to score well in not because i am incapable of learning the material, but because it is not subjective. Math is always one answer. you are either right or wrong. and one thing builds upon another in such a very logical linear way...
Writing and communications and other classes of that nature have so much leeway (and even more when you think comparatively).
I do well with leeway.

Gimmie an inch and i will take a mile.
It's true.

I never thought of myself as subjective before.
Objective, usually.
Objectified, well, not lately.
But "subjective"... yeah the more i think about it. It's hard for a scatter to be anything else. I like to be where-ever-able.

So, what do i do to become less subjective? I plug away at this math over and over and over until all the sudden, something in my brain wiring makes a connection and i score a 93% on the pretest. i'm very good with a 93. i am beyond very good with a 93.

this is better than in high school. in high school i was embarrassed by my grades. my friends never did as well as i did, i didn't want them to think i was some kind of brain freak. some of my friends i still cant really share the grade stuff with, but most of them, well, most of them dont care but at least i am not ashamed to show them how smart i am turning out to be.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

pumpkin pi...

The annual pumpkin massacre went well... pumpkin pi was my favorite of the year.The begging candy from strangers thing went well also.
Although my valiant little knight fought Darth Vader all day long.
I think i prefer the family afternoons of rock band, though.
Ok, this is disturbing and just happened as i was posting the last picture... Indy comes dancing out of his room, nekkie except for his hat, singing "some people call me the space cowboy, some call me the gangsta of love... wooo wooo" .

Sunday, November 01, 2009


In the day to day struggle not to flunk out of community college like some kind of moron, i often don't take the time to truly enjoy my Valley. Some of you have been reading here for a while and know how much i truly love my home. I enjoy showing it off; i enjoy just looking around me and showing it off to myself.

Today, we took some friends and family and off we went to a place called William Finley National Wildlife Refuge. It's an amazing local place.

So without further ado... pics: (no particular order)

I promise i will get halloween pics up soon....