Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving

We are having ham.

The thanksgiving turkey was just, well... it was at other peoples houses and we stayed home. (Indy went to the other side of the family like he always does on thanksgiving... my folks came here, Chris is southern, thus we had ham)

This years thankful thing:

There are so many people that i am thankful for in my life.
All of the people crowd out the things, really.
Although i am thankful for my husbands ps3 (it keeps him off the streets)
I am so thankful to have two healthy beautiful sons.
I am thankful for the best set of folks, ever.
(really, you guys rock)
I am thankful for a group of friends,
who throughout the years have suffered ups and downs together and apart,
who will step up to the plate for me, whenever
You guys have been around for ages and know who you are.
I am thankful for online friends...
like Caroline, who I feel like is a regular friend.
I am thankful for my community college instructors,
some more than others.
Did i mention my husband yet? He's pretty amazing, too.
So, yeah, economy sucks. i have too much homework. and life isn't always easy
It's better than the alternative, and i am thankful for that.

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♥Caroline♥ said...

thank you hun...i am honored that you feel that and your family is much to be admired!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday..