Sunday, November 08, 2009


(yeah, not an Indy post...)
So, i am having this conversation about how math is harder for me to score well in not because i am incapable of learning the material, but because it is not subjective. Math is always one answer. you are either right or wrong. and one thing builds upon another in such a very logical linear way...
Writing and communications and other classes of that nature have so much leeway (and even more when you think comparatively).
I do well with leeway.

Gimmie an inch and i will take a mile.
It's true.

I never thought of myself as subjective before.
Objective, usually.
Objectified, well, not lately.
But "subjective"... yeah the more i think about it. It's hard for a scatter to be anything else. I like to be where-ever-able.

So, what do i do to become less subjective? I plug away at this math over and over and over until all the sudden, something in my brain wiring makes a connection and i score a 93% on the pretest. i'm very good with a 93. i am beyond very good with a 93.

this is better than in high school. in high school i was embarrassed by my grades. my friends never did as well as i did, i didn't want them to think i was some kind of brain freak. some of my friends i still cant really share the grade stuff with, but most of them, well, most of them dont care but at least i am not ashamed to show them how smart i am turning out to be.

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