Wednesday, November 25, 2009

practice practice practice

Indy has been practicing writing his name, this was the first day (the green is daddy's model):
(he says the other symbols there mean "i love cheese")

Anyhow it's been about a week and a half and he has been practicing everyday on his white board. Not lots of hours or anything, just writing his name once or twice a day in purple, with a green model written by his dad or i visible near the top.
Well, today the spouse is all about getting the house spotless for thanksgiving, so I am trying to keep Indy out of trouble (no easy feat that). I wipe off the white board and begin writing his name in green on top when Indy says, "you don't need to write it, i know how to do it"... i erase the green letters and give him his purple pen:
Well done, little dude.

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anastasiajayd said...

He really did excellent.