Sunday, July 26, 2009

jesus loves me (at least someone does!)

so, it's a regular heat wave. we have both window ac units going because our heat pump is on the fritz, the pool (which is unheated) is staying a nice constant 80 overnight. i slipped out at like 1am and floated for a while, it was peaceful. the first half of today was peaceful too:

Indy did his first day at Sunday School today. the church bus came and picked him up a little after nine, he slipped his hand into Brother Downs' hand and left like it was the next big adventure and he couldn't wait. He wants to go again next week, even though it sounded like it might have gotten a little rough... he told me that another boy called him a very bad word (which he later said was ass and that the teacher made the other boy stand in the corner) and he later still confided that he really missed me and cried. He is getting too big too fast.

I know i keep promising pictures, but i hardly ever use the PC that has the camera card reader hooked up to it, thus i really am slacking at pics. i have plenty and one of these days i will get some new ones up.

on another note... my girl Arica will be here soon for a visit, we can't wait! Teresa and Gary have moved out, over to Lebanon. I hope it works out for them. My folks bought a new truck! it is very red. Chris is working nights, still... at least its cooler for him at night than it would be during the day. i talked to Mike for the first time in several years, i had forgotten how nice he is to talk to.

lastly, i am writing this bit in just as a note to myself, i have got to talk about the latest bit of complete asinine stupidity committed by the fellow i sometimes refer to as my sperm donor (but to be nice you could say biological father) very very soon.... those who are close to me, if you haven't heard, CALL ME .... i need sounding boards on how to cope with something i have no control over, no input in, and really, no real reason to give a great gawd damn .... for those who don't or cant call... stay tuned: i have to get my thoughts together on how and what to say about the most recent bit of retardation committed in the name of family. its a soap opera writers dream (only we aren't that pretty).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Indy has found that the shortest route to the neighbor girls house is out his bedroom window. Today, the dog discovered that the way to follow indy to tooti's house is also, out Indy's bedroom window. So, walking back across the street from grandpa and Tooti's, we discovered Chubby out in the front yard, looking for his boy. oops.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

wow, so hi.

So, i haven't been here in a while. Life gets so busy, things happen, oh and did i mention i get lazy sometimes? don't believe me? go check out two days of dishes to be washed on the kitchen counter.

So, whats up with us? Well, lots, really, and then not so much. It seems like things are go go go go go then NOTHING for a while, then back to the go go. Currently we have extra folks living with us, out in the shop we converted into a studio, so that's different. An old friend from Jr hi of mine, who's husband was a dolt. so she's here until she gets her own stuff sorted. School doesn't start until 28 Sept, so Chris is working at the local cannery until then. Indy is all enrolled for fall preschool. those of you who have been reading here a while, yeah, he really is getting big, but i am not on a computer that i can add photos. i will get some new ones up eventually (OK I've said that before); both boys... they are amazingly grown up. the big one especially!

Indiana has discovered Michael Jackson... he sings, he dances, and occasionally he realizes Michael is dead so he cries. we sing American pie together, and when the music dies, Indy cries. its sweet really. now that MJ is dead its okay to listen to his music again. all the hypocrites that called him vile names a few months ago, that would have laughed in your face for listening to his music are now saying "i always knew he was innocent" and offering up their albums on ebay for thousands... ah well, i still maintain that since about the 8th grade, i love the music, but the fellow himself was mental. i agree with Duck: Billy Mays, the guy who could sell me cancer and throw in a second for shipping and handling, is probably a bigger loss to humanity. not to take away from the music left behind of course.

otherwise, yeah, we are all alive, thriving as we can under the circumstances.
until next time