Friday, April 20, 2007

New Clothes!

Monkey See...
Monkey Do...
Monkey get in trouble, too!
Indy is growing so fast. He is wearing 2-3T pants and 4-5T shirts! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. His vocabulary continues to grow every day. He can count to ten (which he follows with a loud "18!"). He can identify several colors and shades of colors. He recognizes and greets (by name) almost all of our English speaking neighbors and a few of the Spanish ones besides! He has his own wants and desires and communicates them loudly to us. He really is his own small person now, thirsting to learn and striving to grow. He plays basketball with a singleness of purpose I haven't seen in ages... He stands in front of his hoop and throws the ball at it over and over for about 30 minutes at a time! He watches his movies, and knows the ones he likes by name (Madagascar, Elmo, and Shrek being the favorites of the moment).
Well, it is a beautiful day and time to take Indy to the great outdoors (which means the grassy strip in front of the apartment building until school lets out and we can go over there)!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Indiana!

Indiana's 2nd Birthday party bash was a huge success! There was a nice crowd (about 40-50 folks) and Indy got some great gifts! He got an Elmo-Sesame Street Bicycle from his brother that matched his cake! His dad is helping him learn to ride it already. He loves it!The party itself was wonderful. We had a nice barbecue, a light saber battle, and the guys even got themselves a nice pick up game of basketball. We had cake and balloons and gifts and a great time. We are so fortunate to have wonderful friends, neighbors, and family members who show their support of our milestones in such an enthusiastic manner!

Happy Birthday Indy!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

easter... sure it was a few days ago, but im slow!

We had a very busy Easter! The Easter Bunny visited grandma and grandpa's home, leaving plenty of eggs and goodies for Grandpa to help Indiana find!It seems the bunny even left them in the wishing well... Later, the Easter Bunny visited brother's house and left Indy lots of fun eggs, candies and some super Bunny disguise glasses!I suppose Easter egg hunting isn't as fun for older guys, but Duck made the best of it, helping play bunny and hiding the eggs, as well as investigating them for himself when Indy would hand one over.
All in all we had a great busy day. I hope every one Else's Easter and or Passover celebrations went as wonderfully as ours did.
Later today we will be hosting Indiana's second birthday party. His birthday isn't until Monday, but because folks work and have school and do other things we are celebrating it on the weekend. We have a lot of friends and family coming to join us in the park for a barbecue and games! It should be most excellent and i look forward to sharing pictures with you all very soon.

Monday, April 09, 2007

catching up!

Now that i am mostly feeling better i am going to skim over the hi-lights of the rest of our trip. So, again, this post will be a bit photo heavy:

We spent a large amount of time at Mary Holland Park in Bartow, playing on the equipment. And enjoying the natural beauty of the place

We made another trip to Tampa to Busch Gardens. Indiana found the three story play structure to his liking, and all the animals, too. He even got to ride on the water flume ride!

We also spent part of a day riding the horses with Riley's mom. She runs a horse barn and gives lessons to small children... Indy LOVES horses. Wee-Biscuit might get a little jealous!

Finally it was time to say goodbye and head for home. Indy loved his Grammy and it was hard for him to leave her house. However, he waited like a trooper for the airplane to come and whisk us all back home again.
Next post? Easter Egg hunting! Indy sure figured it out quick. We had a great time and will be posting pictures of it very very soon! See you then.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

the yuck...

Sorry for the interruption of the vacation memories... We have all came down with a case of the common cold. It sucks. there is much coughing sneezing nose blowing crying and whimpering going on, and that s just from me! Both Indy and his dad are also very stuffy headed and cranky.

will resume posting in a few days when we all feel better!