Friday, March 11, 2005

Git Yor GUN, Pa!

SO, We made it with FIVE weeks to spare. Although it was just a small ceremony downtown in front of the judge, it was very special to me. My best friend and her brother (Melody and PJ) stood up with Chris and I. We have since lost PJ. He was a dear friend, too young to leave us. We attended his memorial the week before Indiana was born. I think perhaps a piece of his spirit lives in our Indy. I hope one day to sit with PJ, again, at the restaurant at the end of the universe, and hoist a pint together. Anyways, On March 11th (i back dated this post... I am actually writing this in august) Chris made an honest woman of me. I hope that we will live happily ever after. We both care deeply for one another. We both have earned this bit of happiness, and will work hard to keep it. It amazes me that Chris accepts me so readily. I feel like i can be myself. He loves Dakota, and is willing to stand back and let Jimmie (Dakota's dad) decide how their friendship can progress. He gets a long with Jimmie, he likes my parents, he loves my son, And he loves me. I think i got a good deal.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

trying a new trick

this photo is posted way back here because i am trying a new trick... it may or not work, if it doesnt, then i will move this photo to a more current position.


So, im going to keep using this post to play with new ideas, pay no mind.