Thursday, September 28, 2006


Being sick sucks. I will be back when I feel better, but for now the nasty icky flu has me in its grip and its too much to do to sit upright. I hope Indy doesn't catch it.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Summertime Strikes Back!

It was such a beautiful day today Indy and his dad packed up the stroller and headed for the park. What a nice break for me to take a nap while they did some Daddy-Indy bonding time.
The weather was fabulous, almost too warm! Where is our famous Oregon September rain storms? (daddy took this picture to show me what a good time they had without me)

On a separate note: Congratulations Duck on being student of the week! Keep up the excellent work!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunset over Albany:

Technology stands Tall in the face of natures beauty.
Another Day draws to a close.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Duck!

Happy Birthday to my very favorite teenager! I love you more and more everyday since the one when you came into this world, 14 years ago. I remember that day like it was just yesterday. I cry just thinking about it.
Dakota, you are an amazing, special, incredible, talented, handsome guy. I am proud to have you as my son. You brighten my world, just by existing.

The picture here, for those of you who aren't in the know, is Duck's new bike his dad got him for his birthday. We just gave him cash.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

a small thought.

Hello. Posted by Picasa

I have been asked more than once why I dedicate my corner of the blogosphere to my boys. "Why, with a web address like American Airspace, aren't you using it for something "important" like politics, war talk, television commentary or even airplanes... Why a mommy blog?" The answer is short and long.
I love them, that's the short bit.
The longer answer, well, its about who I am and who I want to be and how I see the world around me.

What do you see in this photo? Do you see a blond child peering through a fence at a brown horse? Or do you see what I see? A moment of grace and innocence, when a small boy learns about the beauty of the world around him? An innocent greeting without fear?

I enjoy sharing our lives with family and friends. I enjoy meeting new blog friends and drawing them into our lives. We aren't "family values" people... That's a bunch of crap anyways (I wonder who was the first jackass who said "I believe in family values" and really meant "I am a homophobic bastard"? That jerk ruined what family values are really about) We believe real values are about sharing our toys with grace, even when its hard... Admitting to mistakes we make, not the mistakes of others... Snuggles and hugs are more important than tidiness... Neatness counts, but only for part of the grade... Water is good for the soul... Dogs, cats, and horses are family members and must be treated with respect...If you love someone, who cares what race religion sex creed class (or other thing society frowns on), love them...

This stuff is important. These two boys are more important to my life, my home, and my community than one more blog condemning or condoning the war, more important than one more bush supporter or basher's ramblings; more important than one more hack review of last nights episode of family guy. So that's why... Because if the whole world thought that love and sharing and hugs and petting the dog were the most important things, we wouldn't need 50 million web sites and blogs dedicated to killing our fellow man.

SO, I am going to go now, and sit upon my neighbors porch, and let our small sons explore the world together, and we will talk about the cool wind bringing in autumn, and how the potty chair usage was yesterday. We will scratch the dog behind the ear on occasion, as he keeps a watchful eye on the children. We might have a cup of coffee. We will teach our boys to share toys with one another without grabbing or pushing or crying. Perhaps our sons will teach that to the world one day.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"holy birthdays, Batman!"

Today is "International Talk Like A Pirate Day"! Learn more Here!

Also, big happy birthday to Duck's paternal grandmother!

Count down to Duck's birthday... 2 days!

Count down to Duck's dad's birthday... 10 days!

Count down to Indy's paternal grandmothers birthday... 21 days!

Monday, September 18, 2006

It's the pony express and the wild wild west!

We had a great weekend! Brother Duck and his dad assisted Indiana in his very first ever taste of horseback riding. This particular horse is a miniature named Wee-Biscuit. Wee has a bit of a weight problem, but don't we all.

Indiana always enjoys going out to brothers house. Riding Wee in the side yard is just a bonus. It gets harder and harder to get Indiana back into the car seat for the trip home.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Thumb sucking is relaxing.

Indiana's Oncle Nate is going home tomorrow after a nice 4 day visit.

Grandpa Donnie retires in 6 months 2 weeks and 3 days.

Daddy is back to working lots of overtime. We miss him.

Brother Duck turns 14 in 7 more days. Quack!

It's been a slow, relaxing week and we don't have much to say, but it was time to post a new picture and let ya'll know we were alive and well.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

On the battle field

My Union Duck taking out a few "rebs".

Although I myself haven't been south of the Mason-Dixon line (heck I don't know where the Mason-Dixon line IS, I just think the phrase sounds cool), Indiana's daddy is a proud southern gentleman. I wonder if we should tell him that the "Ducks" won this one?

Union Duck

Was Oregon part of the union? I think Oregon Territory was neutral during the civil war just because of geography, actually. This particular musket toting Duck is a union boy.

We all went off to the local Enchanted Forrest where folks can dress up in union and or confederate gear and do pictures with a Lincoln impersonator. There are lots of other things to do there including a fun log flume ride, a haunted house, and a shooting gallery. It is a pleasant walk along a tree shaded hillside amongst fairy-tale creatures and their habitat. You can walk thru faux Indian caves, wander the seven dwarves mine, peer into the three bears home, and even visit peter peter pumpkin eater.

More pictures of our fun day out to come.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Orange County Choppers, with the Tuetel's, is better, but out here on the West Coast, its all about Jessie James and the West Coast Choppers. They even make bicycles (well... Schwinn made this one, but you know). Duck is looking forward, it seems, to teaching his little brother to ride a bike.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Some Much To Do!

Finally the internet is up and running again. Goodbye DSL... Hello Comcast cable internet!

We have been so very very busy the last few weeks. I suppose you could say that without the internet to distract us we had to do family stuff or nothing at all! So without further delay, I present to ya'll some photos and short commentaries on the past weeks. Enjoy!

Indiana did a little gardening...

Daddy took Indy driving in the van...

The neighbors purchased Indy a new toy box that needed "in depth" investigation (yes, that is his new Harley in the background...

Indy won a game of "king of the mountain" at a local park...

Indy even spent some time just lounging around the house...

Indiana made a new friend, named Daniel (his mommy lives in our building) and is learning to share...

We even went out to Beverly Beach State Park (just north of Newport, Oregon on hwy. 101) to gaze at the beautiful Pacific Ocean...

So, now, as summer draws to a close, school begins again, the sun goes down earlier every evening than the one before it, we are working more and playing less. We really lived these last days of summer and made memories that will last me a lifetime or more. I love this chance to share our lives with you all, thanks for visiting!