Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Union Duck

Was Oregon part of the union? I think Oregon Territory was neutral during the civil war just because of geography, actually. This particular musket toting Duck is a union boy.

We all went off to the local Enchanted Forrest where folks can dress up in union and or confederate gear and do pictures with a Lincoln impersonator. There are lots of other things to do there including a fun log flume ride, a haunted house, and a shooting gallery. It is a pleasant walk along a tree shaded hillside amongst fairy-tale creatures and their habitat. You can walk thru faux Indian caves, wander the seven dwarves mine, peer into the three bears home, and even visit peter peter pumpkin eater.

More pictures of our fun day out to come.


archshrk said...

Hello, Michele sent me.
Funny - I just heard someone use that expression only a few minutes ago. Growing up it was always cheater, cheater pumpkin eater but I guess it started somewhere.

Karen said...

Well, that must have been a fun excursion! We have a neighbor that is a re-enactor. Interesting hobby!

Michele sent me here today. Have a great day!

Eliyahu ben Avraham vaSarah said...

Oregon was indeed part of the union during the Civil War. A little known fact is that then Gov Lane wanted to leave the union as well & form the "Pacific Coast Republic," but couldn't convince the state senate to follow.

duckota said...

still dressed up in that yankee union clothes its a sad sad day for the reb blood in me