Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hospital Run:

So, we were at the car lot today buying our new car and instead of getting a regular dinner, we hopped over to Wendy's and got a quick bite for Indy, then went back to continue the marathon session at the dealership. The car dealer actually bought our lunch/dinner which we thought was kind of nice.
about 4 hours after Indy ate his cheeseburger kids meal he was violently ill. I'm talking exorcist vomiting. So, we cleaned him up in the bath with his dad, i washed his sheets and put fresh blankets on his bed, wiped down the walls, scraped up the floor and back to sleep he goes. 2 hours later he awakens again from a deep sleep violently spewing. We threw him into the new car and headed for the er. The nurse leads us to our little cubby-hole where Indy proceeds to vomit more... this time getting not just the bed, himself, but me and the nurse as well.
Bad Food from Wendy's. Good news, he is spewing everything as his body combats illness on its own. his stomach is working hard to right the wrong. he shouldn't need hospitalization unless he dehydrates or cant hold liquids down by noon or develops a fever.

For now he takes a few sips of his clear liquid diet, throws them up, cries a little, then rests until he tries again. its going to be a very long night... but be SHOULD be just fine in a day or so.
in case you are curious... yes, he threw up in the new car on the way home from the doctor. thankfully only on the blanket he was covered in.


Thaleia said...

So sorry Indy is so sick... I hope he's better soon!


ps: Michele sent me

'eliyahu ben 'avraham vaSarah said...

holy crap! That's awful! I hope the little guy is feeling better soon.

bart said...

it's quite dramatic when the little ones get ill like that... thank heavens they usually can take a lot in their stride... hope indy gets better soon ;-)

keep well...

caroline said...

Hope Indy is feeling better soon.
It didn't effect you or hubby?
Poor Indy ..