Monday, January 21, 2008

Counting my Blessings.

Sometimes, it's just good to be me:

I have two amazing sons.
I have a decent husband who works hard to care for his family.
I have a ration of family members who love me.
I have a fantastic set of ex-in laws who are supportive and caring.
I also have the best set of friends and honorary family members there could be.

To me, these helping loving supportive folks are yet one more proof of the real blessings i have been given.

It turns out the "Older Blessing" (err Duck) has a girlfriend. I have seen a picture and she looks pretty cute. (i debated posting that picture here, but i figured i will hold it in reserve for when he really irritates me) He has been squiring her to movies and basketball games. He also seems to have a smudge of dirt that cant be wiped from his upper lip without a razor. Where did the years go!?! So, yeah this picture is (as always) of just the youngest of our blessings:

So, back to blessings... thanks to the other Dad in my life, for going out of his way, driving clear to the next town and even being late to coffee to help me out. I truly am humbled by the good fortune that brought you all into my life. well except John, he'd get a swelled head over the thing you know.


'eliyahu ben 'avraham vaSarah said...

That's just silly.. I'm already well aware of how lucky you are to have me as a friend & it has never gone to my head :D

duck said...

i dont take her to the basketball games she is a cheerleader and has to go so i have to go as