Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Ok, yeah, I'm an idiot ... It is OCTOBER. I should make myself write lines, huh.

my broken link sucked, I found a better one... Sony Kinetics has its own site. Clicking on product overview on that site will show you the whole thing.

Yesterday was Indiana's grandma Donkey's birthday. She turned 44. She is a good sport, and thinks being called Donkey is pretty funny and unique. The quick version of how she got her name is that, well, its nicer to call her Donkey than Jackass (we were out at a tavern a few years ago and she got silly and acted kind of like an ass and a new nickname was born when our friend said she was being a jackass and I told my dear husband that next time we went out he needed to leave his donkey at home).

So, the cake... By the time the neighbors had all had pieces and everyone was "caked out", there was still half a cake. We left the last half on the kitchen counter overnight. Today I had to go out to town, so I went in my bedroom to change into jeans and a clean tshirt. I came out of the bedroom (in less than 5 minute) to find Indiana covered in chocolate frosting and sitting in a plastic "thingy". I walked into the kitchen, thinking "that better not be what I think it is". It was. The plastic "thingy" was the cover off of the cake. The cake itself was upside down on the kitchen floor. grrrr.

about the title of this post? This is post #600 here at "the State of Indiana"!


caroline said...

Congrats on your 600th post.

Happy Birthday grandma Donkey.

You could look at it this way...he saved you from gaining 5 pounds!? lol

mar said...

Congrats on your 600th post!! and happy belated bday to grandma Donkey.
The cake not only tasted good, it smelled so good it attracted those little hands to grab it!
Here via Michele's today :)