Saturday, October 29, 2005

Fairy God-Parents

If you had fairy god parents, what would you wish for? Me, personally, I have but one wish. Eight hours of sleep without the door, the phone, or the baby making any noise! I think with that one wish fulfilled, I could probably handle the rest by myself!


Conners said...

Wish Granted! Here's a hammer. Knock yourself out! LOL
Don't worry, you'll get that wish sooner than you realize, but then you will fight it, not trusting the baby to sleep in.
Does it help that we ALL go through it? Probably not...but try to take naps when you get a chance.

tlm said...

Hmmm... Perhaps Baby Indy could answer the door and the phone while mommy sleeps. That would take care of three problems at once!

Anonymous said...

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