Monday, October 31, 2005

My best friend is a WIENER!!

My best friend, Melody, was at the mall trick or treating with her daughter and her nephew(That handsome little boy with her in the picture is her brother's son, Gabe.). She swears she is some weird kind of German sausage.
She looks like a garden variety WIENER to me!! She had a little note pinned to her "bun" that said she wasn't a hot dog, and a little red ribbon pinned to her like a tie, representing ketchup! Only Melody!
Oh, it might be time to update my fear post. i now fear giant weinies following me in a mall! Scariest thing. EVER.


cube said...

Anybody can tell you she's a bratwurst. But wait, I've never seen a bratwurst wearing a Viking hat, so maybe she's just a brat.

Faira said...

Is that Melody??? No Princess for her! Ha, ha, I love it!

Anonymous said...

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