Friday, October 28, 2005

Is this innovative?

We have a fairly small apartment. Often times I find myself in the position of having more stuff than space. We have two full size beds as well as Indy's crib, and only two bedrooms to house them. So, the waterbed mattress is in Indy's closet, covered by a bunch of comforters. The frame and etc is in the front room closet (the closet that is behind the wall hanging that is behind Chris's Telly). The "box spring" part of that bed doesn't fit anywhere. SO, I covered it with a black and white patterned sheet (affixed with thumb tacks) and used the top bit as a shelf for his larger stuffed animals. I put it behind the crib, because, well, honestly, there wasn't anywhere else to put it, but it worked out good because it keeps his little arms and legs from poking out on that side. Now if I could just find a way to keep his arms and legs inside on the front side! (oh and if you look at the picture closer, you will see Indy is in the crib!)


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