Sunday, October 30, 2005

My first pumpkin

My mom bought Indy his first pumpkin for Halloween. We haven't carved it yet, we will do that tomorrow. Chris drew a silly face on it, and we let Indiana roll around with it, and drool on it a little just to make sure it was his!

Although this isn't the "best" picture of Chris, I must comment. I have been killing myself doing pilates nightly. I must be the only person to sprain an ankle doing it, but there it is. I sweat. I swear. I work hard at keeping up and learning to like this horrible 20 minute nightly torture session. I have yet to lose any weight, but I keep doggedly at it. Chris comes to me this morning and blithely informs me (while munching on a chocolate square in one hand and gulping down a coca-cola in the other)... "Hey Hun, my pants are getting too big! lookie what I can do!" (and proceeds to pull off his jeans without unbuttoning or unzipping them) The big jerk. He does no exercise, lives at Burger King for lunch, and HE LOSES 5 pounds. I wonder if that is a cause for justifiable homicide?


Chicka said...

No jury would convict you. My husband has actually been thrown out of all you can eat buffets for eating too much! (One all you can eat spaghetti dinner paid him to leave.) And yet - he was 130 pounds soaking wet with steel toed boots on. The bastard!

I've done TKD for over a year, killing myself most nights and have yet to lose a pound. I keep getting "oh but muscle weighs more than fat." Yeah, right. It's still fat!!!

Men and their metabolism. SO UNFAIR!

la vie en rose said... have it so easy sometimes. i'm very familiar with the 20 minute windsor pilates kicks my butt.

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