Monday, October 24, 2005

Something's Fishy!

We decorated Indy's room mainly in fish. We were addicted to the ocean wonders aquarium stuff from Fisher Price. To match it we got fishy pictures in frames, and a fishy wind mobile hanging from the ceiling. We got Fishes on sticks, fishy figurines, fishy cut-outs, Spongebob and Patrick, too. Yesterday, our neighbor GAVE her twenty gallon tank set-up (including tank, filter, hood, light, gravel, decorations, stand and fish, even fish food) to Indy for free to go in his room. She knew he loved our tank with Dante in it, and how his room was all done in fish. He LOVES his new tank. He will watch it, and chat at his fishes for ages at a time, just happy. If you see this post, Yolanda, thanks!


telfair said...

That's so generous...yay for neighbors!

bart said...

we've often had fish here, in a small aquarium usually... the girls loved them but at the moment amy's the only one with a small tank in her room, with two goldfish who seem to have almost eternal life :P

cool of your neighbour to do that, sounds like a shared interest's going on here :D

Chicka said...

My girls much preferred their fishtank to a nightlight. The light is just enough to accomplish anything you want, yet isn't too bright they can't sleep. And the sound of a fishtank is just so soothing!

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!
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