Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Good Morning!

Indiana got up bright and early this morning. I should have known, really, since he went to bed at around 9 PM last night. So, we woke up and he is crawling around the living room like a demon. He already has his toys spread all across the floor. He just crawls and rolls and wriggles around the floor dragging toys and leaking drool.
Indy has also become something of a ball player. We have some nice video of him giggling uncontrollably as he and his father play with the ball together. We have a Hi8 video camera and I haven't gotten any of it transferred onto disk yet, so showing the videos will have to wait.
Last night, a couple of the neighbors came over after Indiana was in bed. It was cool to hear them say how nice we keep our home. Yolanda was particularly impressed, saying that it doesn't look (or smell) like I have a wiggling baby running around here! The real secret to that is that I pick up after him every time he takes a nap or goes to bed, we use a diaper genie, and I have lots and lots of incense, powders and sprays. It drives me crazy when someone else's home smells like a diaper, so I am extra careful in my own.


cube said...

Wow, tons of blog posts and a clean house too! Where do you find the time?

Zachary said...

Gosh he is getting so big. I need to come over soon. I am on vaction so i will stop by sometime here soon. So when are you going to tease Dakota about Indy not being afraid of the ball???

Faira said...

When I was at the Library book sale yesterday. A girl was behind me with her baby in a stroller and he looked the same age and size as Indy, so I asked her how old he was. She told me 13 monthes! Blew me away! Either her baby is a very small 13 monthes or Indy is a very big 6 monthes. Mom

Faira said...

Cube, She sleeps in, LOL! Her mornings are my afternoons.
Her Mom

Faira said...

Zachary, Your sure growing and as pretty as your Mom. I guess I can say your pretty because you are still a baby yet.
I still haven't gotten to hold you yet! I did enjoy your pictures though. Come by with Indy sometime.