Friday, November 04, 2005

TWO in the MORNING, ack!

2am. Do you know where Indiana is? Did you guess "sleeping blissfully in his crib, covered in mamma's favorite blanket?" on any other night you would be right. Tonight... WRONG! Indy is bouncing forcefully in his saucer, wide awake. Man this boy is going to drive me to drink.
However, some good has come of this!
I was out stalking blogs (the great white blog hunter, that's me) instead of SLEEPING, and came across Pea Soup. I had a fun, interactive visit. She had started a fun thread about what people were wearing right at that moment (her readership was mature enough not to say "i ain't wearin' no pants" which is always a plus) and another about "what are you addicted to" complete with pictures (her addictions pictures included some handsome babies, and some beautiful roses). Stop on by her site. I thought it was a nice light happy place to visit.


emaleejayne said...

You have an adorable little boy! And what a name! Will he end up loving or hating you for that??? :)

Hello, Michele sent me!

Aginoth said...

Kids should be genetically engineered to be unconscious betwwen 6pm and 8am. :o)

Michelle sent me

Suse said...

Hello! I found comments on my site from someone with the intriguing name of DakInd and well, just had to follow up. And I arrive and find a post devoted to me!

How did you come across me? (I am eternally curious as to how people find me).

Anyway, I am humbled and honoured, and will now go explore your blog a little more.

Exquisite little baby boy. As divine as mine ;)

terrilynn said...

Your little boy is just darling. Sorry he kept you up last night and hope he's soon back to full health.

ivoryfrog said...

Aww he's a little cutie! I love the name, I have been told that one of my girls is named after an American city - Savannah (Health visitor asked me if I had been there.) I didn't even know that it was a place, I just liked the name. :-)
My two - mainly my 4 month old (savannah), get me up early all the time, I don't mind though cause she gets up, has a feed sits in her bouncy chair and falls asleep gain - means I get to come on the computer, read or do some "arty stuff!" Mummy time!

Thanks for leaving your tip on my blog, its hard work especially with lovely temptations surrounding us - I just ate a yoghurt (may sound healthy until I tell you has whipped cream in it....but it was very yummy) - 20 star jumps for me. :-)

telfair said...

thanks for the recommendation about Pea Soup, I went & visited it - She's in Melbourne just like me so it was fun to read about the life of a neighbor.