Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Real Lady

Every now and then we have the privledge of meeting a real lady or gentleman. I had such good fortune long ago, unknowingly. But this year we have renewed our acquaintance. I hope she isn't offended by this, but i asked my mom before i posted this. I told my mom that i had great respect for this woman. My mother concurred with me, and said she, too, had great respect for this woman who was so kind to my sons, my husband and I, when she really didn't have to be. And honestly, i never gave her a reason to be. , Some people are just good people, and She is one of those rare people. I want to publicly say thank you to Wanda. My dad married her several years ago, she helped him raise some wonderful kids (my four brothers that i mentioned in a previous post), she sends cards when we are sick and for holidays. She buys gifts for both of my sons, one of whom she has never even met. (and i hope he remembers to send a thank you note because she bought AWESOME gifts!) She is kind to us, and makes us all welcome in a family that i never really knew. I don't know how to thank her for allowing me to join into the ranks of her family at this late date. I don't know how to say thank you for being the great lady that she is. I feel priveledged to have her join the ranks of my parents, even if i am all grown up. I am proud to have her as one of "the folks".
my dad is lucky to have her in his life, and so are we!


YellowRose said...

What a wonderful post!!! I myself who had my parents remarry when I was an adult, know how important it is to have your "steps" fit in to your life and family. Sounds like you got a keeper!

Michele sent me!

Carmi said...

This is such a lovely tribute. Send a copy to the Annie's Mailbox writers so they can use you as an example for their future correspondents.

How refreshing to see such respect and kindness.

I'm back from Michele. Your blog is quickly becoming an addiction.

caroline said...

That is so great that you get along with the step mother, so many don't. The fact that she goes out of her way for you all is wonderful.

I know she would appreciate this tribute. Is she able to see this? If not how about printing this and put it in a thank you card. Just a suggestion :)

Faira said...

I raised a sweet girl. I have never been prouder of you. That was a beautiful tribute! And though I have never met Wanda, her smile shows a warm heart and I want to thank her too, for caring and having room for you there! Mom

Karin said...

What a lovely post. It's good that your father married a good woman who accepts his other family so kindly. That is not always the case.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!