Monday, November 21, 2005

Just Standing Around

It's so nice to have a smoothie and just stand around smiling. I love when Indy is just happy to hang around and be a sweet heart. No crazy, cranky, screaming. Just chilling out and being a great kid.
Indy has an addiction to Costco Berry Smoothies. Today I walked Indy, in his stroller, to Fred Meyer, and we got to try out their smoothie. He got a banana, strawberry, blackberry mix. It was seriously good! I had to put some into a bottle because I couldn't shovel it into his mouth with the spoon fast enough!


PresentStorm said...

I love smoothies..I had a chocolate banana one tonight as a matter of fact :)

caroline said...

smoothies are the whip! Anything with strawberries and banana's i'm there!

Indy is getting mobile isn't he?
It's great when they aren't glued to ya anymore.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Indy is something else!
I've never had a smoothie..I know...I'm just very behind the times on a lot of things...LOL!

Peace said...

Your boys are so lovely and cute! Thanks for yr comment on my dog and that's how I get here : ) Having a dog at home is a lot more fun : )

puremood said...

Long time no see! :)

He's cute! I love smoothies too and also love when my kids are chilled and sweet vs. loud, whiney and full of attitude! :)