Thursday, November 03, 2005

its just me

Welcome, everyone, to "The state of Indiana".

I decided to post a ten things about me list, for newer visitors to catch up!

  1. My name is Misti. I wasn't born with that name, my friends gave it to me. I like it better than the name I was born with (sorry mom). I use the name Dak-Ind to write, in honor of my two sons.
  2. I am the over-proud parent of two gorgeous and wonderful sons.
  3. I have no humility.
  4. My oldest son is Dakota, affectionately referred to as "brother duck". He lives just outside of town with his dad. He is in Jr. High school, and is thirteen years old.
  5. Then there is the baby. His name is Indiana Harrison Jones (Indy). I am so not kidding, my new husband (his daddy) and I really did that to him.
  6. I am oft asked what I would have called him had he been a girl. Utah. Seriously.
  7. My husband's name is Chris. He also answers to "honey, can you...?" . I am older than he is, although with his baseball cap off, most people don't realize it. (Sorry Hun, I know I promised no more balding jokes, but sometimes they just slip right in there.)
  8. We live here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. In the Willamette Valley; in Oregon. (I was once taught how to use punctuation properly, then I grew up and found out that I could use it however I wanted. There is no longer a test on this stuff when you are over thirty.)
  9. As irreverent as i can be toward them, i love my family fiercely. That includes not just my husband and sons, but also my folks (all four of them), my sister and all four of my new found brothers, my in-laws (but my gawd don't tell them! i will never hear the end of it), my ex-husband and his family (weird, i know but they are, after all, a large part of Brother Duck's life... And nice people besides), and a few very close friends who are honorarily family (this mean you Melody!).
  10. We came up with the name of this blog because it primarily deals with young Indiana. The "pun-ish" word play for "state" was too fun to pass up when it was suggested to me. Thus using this definition for state: A condition or mode of being, as with regard to circumstances. (example: a state of confusion. Which this name can cause!)

Anything I am missing? Let me know, I usually answer.

This post took a half an hour to write!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I love your blog!

telfair said...

It was so cool to learn a little more about you!

Melody said...

you always did know how to make me feel better, heh.. glad to know I'm one of the people you love!

Maud said...

I’ve to read your posts everyday and see how you are doing and what’s going on there, on for me the other side of the world…..I just love your Blog!
L. Maud

Suse said...

Ok, just found out how you found me.

And the answer is flannel in winter, and pure cotton for summer.

Oh, and I see you are in the Pacific Northwest. I lived there for one year. Beautiful Idaho. I was an exchange student, so everyone thought I was terribly exotic. Moi!!!

Vicki said...

Cool 10 things about you Misti. I liked reading that. I love the way your write.

duckota said...

but if he was a girl what would you have named him?