Monday, November 07, 2005

Tornado rips thru Evansville Indiana

I have heard conflicting reports, but it sounds like as many as 23 people have perished in a massive tornado in the southern part of Indiana. I have tried mightily, all day, to refrain from making jokes about our Indy being quite the little tornado. I just want to say that my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones due to this years amazing number of natural disasters. We have been fortunate here in Oregon so far (knock on wood). No major earthquakes, and we haven't had a bad flood in a while. I guess i am starting my "thankful for" list early (which thanks to Telfair Douglas i will be making that list soon)

Stay safe out there people!

(i lifted this picture from one of the many news sources about the aftermath of the tornado... And i have forgotten which one now, so i cant give the credit on the picture the way i should)


Adrian said...

Good Morning,
As it happens I heard brief clips from the devastation on BBC Radio 1 this morning on my drive into work.

This time, Michele didn't send me. I couldn't resist having a look around here after you posted such a kind comment, great work.

JoeC said...

it is truely scary to live in constant danger from one day to the next. things like these juz got not prevention, juz hoping that things will turn out ok. cheers!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for visiting me!
Your little Indiana is adorable!!

cube said...

I know. I complain about hurricanes all the time, but at least you can see them coming & have some time to prepare. A tornado can be on you before you know it. Very scary.

McSwain said...

Hello--Thanks for visiting my place! And you're right, Oregon seems relatively natural-disaster safe. Well, except for those volcanoes. I grew up in Southern Oregon myself, and always love to find a good Oregonian's blog. :-)

And how cool that you honored your dad's wife below.

Mama M said...

You are right- we have been lucky in Oregon. I remember being told in grade school that The Big One (earthquake) would hit within the next 30 years. I'm still waiting and bracing for it.

Thanks for visiting earlier. Always love to meet another Oregonian, esp. one who enjoys our state's fine wines!

clew said...

Hi there - just surfing by & scrolling through - wanted to say your little Indy is just so cute. He has a feature my little boy also had as a baby, and what my husband dubbed the "Tweety-Bird chin". Big squeezable, kissable cheeks and a little bump of a chin in between, like Tweety :) Hee hee! (Also the tendancy to party in the middle of the night - and at such a young age!?! Oy, kids these days! LOL )

You are blessed! See you again sometime!

telfair said...

Wow! Thanks for the shout-out!...I'll be putting favorite links on my blog in the near future, is it okay if I link to you?