Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Fisher Price Rant

When we go out to buy our children "stuff", a lot of us look at the brand name. There are some manufacturers that we know we can trust to give us a quality product for the vast sums of money that they demand. I used to be a believer in Fisher Price . Not so anymore. We spent a hundred bucks (on sale) on the fancy fisher price ocean wonders swing. We bought the ocean wonders portable swing, too. We got him the ocean wonders high chair. We had to return the larger swing because it didn't EVER work right. Even the replacement wasn't that great, we hardly ever used it, and now there is a hundred dollar swing in pieces in his closet. Sigh. Today we had to return his high chair (the one I showed ya'll just last week, when we bought it)and get it replaced (driving to a different town to get the replacement). Indy's grandma donkey bought him a little musical fisher price toy. It broke in the first 3 days. Just stopped working. For NO reason. He didn't break it; No one stepped on it. It just doesn't work. So, if anyone has a suggestion for a different, more trustworthy children's "stuff" maker, I am ready to buy from someone else now and would welcome input!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That's disappointing to here, isn't it? Wish I had a suggestion, but I don't...sorry about that.
What do you think happened to Fischer-Price?? They use to be really good, didn't they?

Maud said...

That’s annoying! I first had a normal high chair for Men and it didn’t work right. Than we bought a Tripp Trapp high Chair (USA: Stokke Kinderzeat http://www.stokkeusa.com/sub_index.html) and Men used it till a few months ago. (It’s up till 12 years!) Be sure you get the real one! There are so many imitations that doesn’t weight enough. Men just wanted to sit on a ‘normal- grown up chair a few months ago. So it was about 9 years old and still good and looked almost like new, we sold it to someone and it’s still in use.
There are no toys or other playing things on it, it’s very basic so nothing can be broken and lasts longer than your child can sit on it!


cube said...

Sorry, I've been out of the loop too long to be of any help with baby furniture advice.

la vie en rose said...

well that sucks!

Chicka said...

Oh man, when it rains it pours! Have you tried contacting FP at all? I know they'd likely send you coupons for free crap, but at least they'd be aware that they're making some faulty product.

Wish I had a clue, but we're babyless here. When the girls were little, we had some Graco stuff. Had some problems with the swing, but replacement parts worked just fine.