Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Terrible Mom Part One:

Today I was asked "Ducky is 13 years old. Are you crazy? Indy is a sweetie, but why now!?! What could you have been thinking!?!?!"

My reply:

"I was thinking, "I can handle another shot of Jager, no problem!"

(actually Indiana was a planned baby, but I couldn't resist the stupid answer to the stupid question.)


Marcia said...

what were they thinking? that you were going to give them a detailed description of your sex life and how you happened to have another baby? Some people are so dumb.

cube said...

Some people speak without thinking.

Carmi said...

Some people are inexcusably stupid. Don't knock yourself for the response: Whoever asked it had no right to do so.

Our three kids were born just under 3 years apart. If I had a buck for every time someone said we should have spaced them TWO years apart instead, I'd be rich by now.

Of course, this WAS our plan all along. But a couple of miscarriages kinda threw our timing off. After a while, I got so fed up with the rudeness of the comments that I got up the courage to tell them just that.

Mortified doesn't even begin to describe the look on their face. I bet they keep such idiocy to themselves in future.

Back from Michele's.

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