Sunday, November 20, 2005

Christmas Candles and Lights

Indiana is finding our holiday decorations quite to his liking. He is interested in all of the "new" things sitting out on the tables, or hanging from the windows. I am constantly rearranging things, and moving things out of his little clutches. I am really looking forward to getting the tree next week, as I KNOW he will be enthralled.

I am also looking forward to driving around and looking at all the Christmas lights. I love the look of wonder that comes across his face when he sees our pitiful display. The thought of his reaction to the Grotto, or the Ridgewood Neighborhood display in Gladstone, or the city of Kaiser's display, it just delights me. Even the Pepsi plant in Corvallis's display and Albany's "story book land" should be wonderfully new for us this year, as we see things thru our young Indy's eyes.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What fun that is going to be...Indy is the healthiest, most huggable yumkin child, I've ever seen...All the photo's of him are Perfect! You must get so much joy from this baby! Michele sent me tonight, but I most likely would have come by anyway! (lol)

utenzi said...

Michele sent me to see you, DAK.

As much as we associate children with Christmas--those first couple of years it's not a good combination. All those small ornaments--often family heirlooms--are just something to grab and put in the mouth for a baby or toddler.

Best of luck with your kids, especially Indiana. I guess the baby is young enough to be safe this year.

telfair said...

Well, a lot of the Christmas decorations smell really good, too -- candles scented like vanilla or cinnamon -- so that probably intensifies the interest, too.