Saturday, November 05, 2005

Holiday Dinner

It really is weird to have a holiday dinner this early in the season, but Chris's office party was today. It was the closest to Christmas that they could book the room at Spirit Mountain Casino ! Dinner was all right. We won a door prize, which was fun. The bosses gave away gift cards to the employees for gaming. Our girl Jessica was there with her boyfriend (yes the Daniel and Jessica relationship seems to have worked out fine!), and we actually ended up giving them a ride home. Indiana stayed home with his grandma donkey. It was a nice break for us, and some quality grandma time for her. So, all in all, as strange as it is to have Christmas dinner on November 5th, it was a pretty nice day!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hi! Michele sent me again! (lol) What a hoot to have Christmas Dinner in early November! Maybe more of us should do that..
What was your door prize???

mar said...

Xmas dinner in november! I guess the point was to get together. But it would be too early for me. Thanks for visiting! love your clock, it's good for visitors! have a nice day (when you wake up!)

Faira said...

Well, what was the door prize?
I didn't think the Casino's allowed pictures taken inside their Casinos, or was this a post card picture. Mom

Dak-Ind said...

i borrowed this picture from the casino web site (click the words Spirit Mountain Casino to go there)
our door prize was another gift card. i cant complain about a free 20 bucks. (course it probably cost that much in fuel to get there!)

Captain Typho said...

It's never too early for the holidays to start.

Good night from Michele's!