Monday, December 19, 2005

Sleep Disturbances

Indiana was supposed to be asleep when I crept into his room this morning. Instead, I found him gurgling to himself as he fondles this toy and that. He squealed out a cheer when he saw me, and both pudgy little arms shot up into the air, in the universal "pick me up" sign. He has not been sleeping well of late, which means neither have I.

So, I am a little grouchy and in need of a serious snooze. For my friends and family it means I have been rather short with everyone and should probably apologize for my less than pleasant attitude.

What this means for my blog friends is that I wont be visiting tonight.

I am going to bed.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hope you get a good nights sleep, my dear...
That little guy of yours always brings a smile to my face...

Chicka said...

Get some rest while you can, hon.

And mid-day snuggles with kidlins, if at all possible, help you both sleep well - no shame in that!

Grandma and Grandpa Wood said...

We are sad to hear you and Mommy are not getting much sleep! We bet Daddy isn't either.Usually when the little ones of the house are having sleeping problems, it touches everyone.Hopefully last night was much better!! Have a fun filled day. Santa time is nearly here.
LOVE AND HUGS!!!!!!!!!!
Grandma and Grandpa Wood

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Claire said...

Hope you sleep well!!

Michelle Pessoa said...

I hope the baby's sleeping problems resolve themselves soon.

Michele sent me.

Valderbar said...

How cute the pick me up sign

Anonymous said...

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