Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The empire (illness) strikes back

Indiana had a cold a few days ago, I may have mentioned it. He has gotten worse. Bad enough that I did the "freaked out mom" thing and called Chris home from work to go to the ER:

1) Indiana has a cold.
2) Indiana has an ear infection in both ears as a complication from the cold.
3) Indiana is running a fever due to the ear infections.
4) Indiana has caught pink eye from the little boy upstairs.
5) Indiana will be taking antibiotics and tylenol for the next ten days.
6) Indiana is in quarantine for the next 72 hours (from everyone but me).

His eye looks terrible so I wont be putting up any new pictures until it starts to improve (doc said about 3 days for that).

I have to call our apartment managers and tell them that we may have infected their daughter. Chris gets to go back to work and tell his boss's son that we may have infected their baby as well. I get to go upstairs and do serious bodily harm to the upstairs neighbor who shared it with us.


cube said...

Hope little Indy gets well soon. We'll send prayers his way.

Chicka said...

Aw sweetie, try not to be too hard on them. He may not have gotten pinkeye from the upstairs people. It is highly contagious, but usually follows a common cold (which was news to me, too and I'm a medical knowledgy type of gal.)

we've been dealing with strep, virus and pinkeye in various stages (passed back and forth through the four of us in the house) since 12/14. Ugh. I'm so tired of it.

Poor pumpkin, and poor you. Try to take it easy and just hang out with Indy. ((HUGS))

Dad,Wanda(G&G)bro's and The Uncles said...

Mindi;Chris,Indy and Dakota;
We are sorry to hear little Indy is sick!You certainly did right taking him in to the doctor immediately. The medications will help. Pinkeye can be treated sucessfully. It can come from allergies to smoke. Mainly, as we are sure the doctor said,"wash your hands A LOT"!!!! Do not share towels,washrags or blankets. Our motto is wash,wash,wash and wash again!You will get the handle on it. We hope this cold gets checked before it goes into his chest. Take care,take a deep breath and we will pray for a speedy and healthy recovery!Please keep us updated!!!
Love and blessings;
Dad,Wanda(G&G)bro's and The Uncles

Queen of Spain said...

Give me a call, I'll come help you whup some butt!

Zachary said...

aww well hopefully zach doesnt get it! but i swear i wont beat you up for it ill go help you beat up the neighbor!

sophie said...

So sorry he is feeling poorly. It seems that there is so much going around these days. Hope everyone feels better soon.

Dad,Wanda(G&G)bro's and The Uncles said...

Mindi,Chris and Indy;
We were gone for most of the day and just returned. Was going to call you. Thought we might disturb you both resting, so hopefully you will read this comment. We are thinking of you and are WONDERING how Indy and you are??????????
Love and MANY PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!
Dad,Wanda(G&G)bro's and The Uncles

caroline said...

Don't be too hard on them. Kids catch everything! I'm sure nobody wants other's to get sick, it just happens. Poor Indy! Hope he is feeling better real soon. Main thing is you probably caught it before it could be worse. take it easy and have a great new years

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Poor sweet Indy...It's so awful when a little one is sick, isn't it? And he sure got a triple whammy!! You give him a BIG hug, for me, and tell him he's got people out in the Blogesphere who are sending lots of love and kisses ro him....!

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »