Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Got my new hat on!

So, Indiana is learning to (gasp) SHARE. His first attempt at sharing has been quite successful! If only it hadn't been his cold germs that he decided to share with me, I would probably be a little prouder of the achievement! Both of us have the "Christmas Sniffles". I do not think that I have celebrated a single Christmas when I wasn't suffering from some sort of cold or worse. Perhaps I shared it with him. (Sorry 'bout that Indy.)
Today, we went up to Salem (that's the capitol of Oregon, for those of you who don't know... It is also the dwelling place of one of my favorite bloggers: Old Hoss). We got in a little last minute shopping! We got a video game for the "whole family". Indy got some clothing-type gifts. (At this age he is just thrilled about the wrapping paper, so I don't feel bad about loading him up on clothes)
Oh, and we got this hat. It has matching gloves. He wont wear the gloves. I LIKE this hat!
The telly is off; the music is on. The portable, waterless vaporizer is plugged in and turned on to HIGH! We are ready to settle in for a long, quiet evening of playing with toys on the floor until exhaustion overtakes Indy and we can go to bed!


B. Scott Leopard said...

Best wishes for a sniffles-free Christmas. Get well soon!

Hasan Mubarak said...

That makes a point; sharing is not always Fun...

I've been going through the same kind of misery.

Get well soon!

Grandma and Grandpa Wood said...

We are sorry the old cold BUG has gotten you down! Especially at Christmas time! Get as much liquid as you can handle and try for some more rest. Wish we were not so many miles away, so we could help out. The only thing we can do, is pray for your BOTH to start feeling better really SOON!!!!!!!!
The hat is so darling on you Indy! Grandpa says,"Maybe he will get one like that to keep his neck warm while driving the tractor! I think that might have been a last minute hint to SANTA,don't you think?? Your little lips look dry from that darned ol' cold. Bet Mommy will have you back on tract real SOON!!!!!!
Grandma and Grandpa Wood

LilRed said...

Hola! Found you via Michele. Hope you start feeling better soon. By the way - CUTE baby! Love the hat.

mar said...

Get well soon!!! will check up on you. Lovely picture, by the way.

bart said...

an evening well spent, methinks... keep well... (sorry you're feeling a bit off...)

Michelle Pessoa said...

Nice hat!

Michele sent me!

Prego said...

i wish all i had to deal with was sniffles. i'm on my fifth diarrhea'd diaper change - probably some payback for my farting blog entry.


here via michele tonight - i loved your son's KFC alibi!

kenju said...

What a cute boy! I love the hat. Did you take him to see Hoss? Poor Hoss can't blog, as his internet connection is down.

Hope that you and Indiana and all the family have a wonderful Christmas.

Michele sent me.

Zachary said...

i know what you mean i to am sick and i just hope that i feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

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