Thursday, December 29, 2005

Making the Grade

I have few extraneous pictures running around, heck, I have thousands. Here are a few fairly recent ones that haven't, for whatever reason, made the grade for other postings. Indiana is almost better and I promise new pictures soon! In the mean time, enjoy this montage oh my two incredibly handsome, devilishly charming, thoroughly spoiled, totally loved sons.
I am not a "religious" person. I thank God, everyday, for the two wonderful souls he gave over to my care.


Queen of Spain said...

The boohbahs are everywhere! I love them, but they kinda scare me!

Zachary said...

well i hope he feels better soon. i think zach lucked out and didnt get any of it. YAY for me. we will come see you soon.

duckota said...

the pic of me with short hair isn't even close to recent

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Yeah, but what about the big guy in the OSU shirt? I think he rates some cuddling, too.

Trinity13 said...

Heehee, I love that last one! Too cute!!!

Btw, Michele sent me!

Dad and Wanda said...

We love all the pictures!!!!!! It is nice seeing so many of Dakota!! How is Indy doing?? Much better we pray.
It has snowed here for the past couple days. We have about 10 inches of new snow.
Love to all of you. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!
Love Dad and Wanda

Anonymous said...

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