Thursday, December 22, 2005


Indiana, now that he has a tooth, is getting a more varied diet. Today he got his first chocolate chip cookie. He gnawed through about 2/3 of the cookie before grinding the rest into the carpet.

I have been tagged by The Diaper Dame to do a meme. I PROMISE I will get to it, but I wont post it for a day or two, as we are doing all the holiday anticipation things for the next few days. That does, however, give me a couple days to come up with 5 people to TAG. Be nice to me... Or it might be you. **

**edit/update: i have finished the meme, and saved it as a draft to post in a few days... let the suspense mount!


WendyWings said...

Aww nothing like the very first cookie. Then cleaning it out of the carpet for the next week :)
Michele sent me today.

Andy said...

hiya! thanks for visiting my blog.

your site is a great idea for the chronicles of young indy

I have sent your URL to a friend who wants to start a blog about his new twin babies, it's a really nice example of how much you can do with a free blog host(and cute children of course!) :-)
I wonder how many people regret not keeping a more detailed record of their childrens beginnings?

seasons greetings! fah la la la lahhh

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Michele sent me this afternoon,but as you know I would have come anyway!
Here's my question: How did Indy like this Choclate Chip Cookie...I mean, do we have a new convert to the JOYS of Chocolate or is it too soon to tell? (lol)

tlm said...

Chocolate chip cookies are the best, Indy. No need to share them with the carpet, though.

Courtney said...

Concentrate on Christmas, not the meme.
Michele sent me.

Chicka said...

copy/paste it into word. I can guarantee Blogger will eat that draft.

Grandma and Grandpa Wood said...

WOW Indy, your first tooth!! And, your first chocolate chip cookie!!!
Grandpa asked; did they have peanut butter in them? Yummy!!!!!!!! We bet you feel better with the tooth out front where you can chew on things, huh?
Wish you, Mommy,Daddy and Dakota were here!!!!!!!!!
Good night sweet boy!
Love Grandma and Grandpa Wood

Anonymous said...

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