Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wacky Bear

I was just over at one of my favorite blogs and she was telling about the Wacky Bear, and how it is traveling the world for a friends school project. Its a neat idea. Go check out Telfair's Blog to read more about this great educational bear!
I know it is ten days into the new year, but I would also recommend dropping by Dakota's Blog and saying Happy New Year to brother duck!


mar said...

I didn't see you at Michele's this morning so I came on my own. Will check those sites out!

cube said...

I just stopped by & saw Dakota's blog & commented on the fireworks post. I know so much about him & he has no idea who I am. I hope it doesn't creep him out!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Curious about the bear: Has on UMich. shirt. I'll have to tell my Ann Arbor buddies about this site.

Kristy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog (via CC)!

Nothing like the good ol' days!!



telfair said...

Thanks so much for the "shout out" and the kind words! Wacky Bear appreciates the interest he is generating and so do I!